Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Presidents Gone Wild! .... ObumR

Presidents Gone Wild! ... ObumR

Someone needs to take the sugar out of Obama’s Kool-aid and ease him on back.

1) He said a child is something no young couple should be burdened with..huh?

2) He becomes President by denying his religion, his father, his communist mentor, his hate-
filled minister, his numerous step-people who insist he is a Muslim and born in Kenya, his
nation of birth ( as a Canadian.. can’t fault him there)

3) Bluffs his way (on an obscure blog) out of having to produce ohh say, a proper birth certificate as proof that he was born in any of the United States.

4) Lets terrorists out of jail free and later laments that some of those peace loving Muslims
picked up exactly where they left of.... You know ‘Muslims’ of terrorist won Arab nations whose only idea of peace would be to present your whole Country citizenry, front and centre for summarily blood lust, be-headings.

5) Obviously more interested in the persona and prestige of being President, than the actual job
of being President. Actually believes what Oprah and other idolisers, beyond religious fawning including the liberal media say about him.

6) Reverses all basic moral legislation previously passed including pro-life measures primarily
used in defence of aiding black families throughout the world and reverses moral conscience
legislation to ensure medical ranks tighten to the point of only having culture of death workers left.

7)Cuts off school voucher programs designed to advance underprivileged children in an end-
run around Marxist teacher unions meanwhile (as standard procedure for those who kiss up to the teacher unions) send his own kids to private school.

8) Makes a fool out of himself in public situations with or without his teleprompter indicating
his lack of experience in the public eye, period never mind as a politician or legislator.

9) Has the unqualified support, of morally bankrupt crowd pleasing experts like Jon Stewart,
Whoopie, Oprah, lock- up- your- teen- age- girls- Bill Cosby-is- coming- to- town, and
designated brainless drunk- driver, and buffoon, Charles Barkly.

10) Actually, panning out as anti Martin Luther Jr. King and holding blacks down.

11) Printing money by the trillions at the expense of future generations in an effort to prop up his popularity, not the American economy.

12) Makes more gaffs before breakfast than liberal and insane Hollywood whipping boy George
Bush did during his entire Presidency.

13) Attempts to eliminate free speech for any public person who disagrees or doesn't worship his Obaminis

The only Presidents Gone Wild were the modern Democrat ones

J F- Ked everyone, Kennedy, literally and figuratively with his dad’s mob connections, his own sex and booze party mob, connections (with the head mobster no-less). His double- cross that cost him his life. His disavowing of the Castro busting Special Ops he authorized.

The well grounded suspicion around the girl friend Marilyn Munroe, he, and little brother were
‘sharing’ and later found dead, with Bobby seen circling the area though never questioned about.

The whole Kennedy clan bad-seed thing.

LBJ, his successor, who by all manner of his private persona indicated he was doubtless the happiest man in the USA to see Kennedy get his brains blown out on everyone's tv screen (for years to come) for double-crossing the mob.

LBJ, who reportedly grabbed Jimmy Olson look-alike, Canadian liberal Prime Minister, ‘Lestor
(bow-tie)Pearson by the throat, and told the “Little faggot to back off on his comments about Vietnam or he’d wipe his Country off the map” at a friendly BBQ invite on his Texas porch.

Jimmy Commie Carter, who like all socialist activists, does pretty well by himself and, who is
best remembered for his beer dear brother and WKRP Mr. Carlson routine of, as God is my witness, I thought our stock helicopters could fly in sandstorms.

B... J.. Clinton who came with an attachment that turned out, not to be Hilary in any way.
And the same Clinton who co-incidentally, ended up with a crap-load of campaign yuann while
China ended up with a crap-load of military declassified secrets.

The same Clinton whose first choice, (Democrats always have bad first choices) of Surgeon
Generals who wanted Kindergarten teachers to teach five year-olds how to masturbate.. (get em right out of the gate eh, Willy)

The same Clinton who single-handedly kept the evil practice of partial- birth, skull crushing alive and cool in the United, in Activist Judges, States of America. A practice, akin to crushing the skulls of newborn chicks struggling right out of the shell simply because they're blind and don’t know what evil is actually behind their helpless demise. You're so brave and understanding, Willy...You must still be a hit with the ladies....eh!

Yes, boys, girls, and Hollywood whatever’s, when you think of Presidents Gone Wild, always
think fondly of toothyDemocrats, past and present, and don’t forget which ones to blame in the future.

Paul Gordon

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