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You Just Know Catholicism is in Trouble When

You Just Know Catholicism is in Trouble When

( as usual a few corrections made from original post...most serious one being Jean Vanier instead of Jean Vianney...What can I say... as a Socon I work for a living... have a real big family ...can't afford a proof reader.... and end up writing at odd hours)

Depresso, Lennard Cohen is leading the choir and Margaret Atwood is writing the Homilies.

When the world news media stops criticizing the Holy Father.

Your Priest keeps quoting from Chicken Soup for the Soul and you- go- girl, Nuns refer to the
gospel according to the Holy Oprah and disciple, St. Whoopie

Your neighbour is featured as Eucharistic Minister of the Month and your Bishops have okayed
mother-in-laws to hear confessions due to Holy Orders shortages.

Your Country’s ‘most conservative’ Bishop threatens to (only) close Catholic Schools if they
have Charity Casino nights. He also walks union picket lines in solidarity, and writes for a daily
‘sunshine girl’ tabloid loaded with perverse personal ads and Catholic hate columns. (True)

When half your nation’s Priest’s show up with Fidel Castro (who never gets out) for swinger, Prime One, Pierre Turdeau’s, funeral. Someone should tell the liberal worshipping faction of Eastern Canadian Priests that everyone levels out at six feet under. Apparently they never got that memo from their Bishops.

When the U. of Notre Dame says screw all of ya, we're giving ObumR an honorary degree for
disowning his father, his commie mentor, his Muslim step family, his minister, his people/children/babies of colour, his nation of birth, and the nation he duped, (can Michelle, kids and the dog be far behind).

Your Parish Council hires Leon Da Finger to paint beige- wash over the Altar wall icons.

Opie Taylor and Forrest Gump make a career of movies attacking Opus Dei because they are a supposed (worst kept) secret society that stands for absolutel nothing that Hollywood does like too cool man-boy homo- sex societies and cutting edge angry comedians.

Your federal revenue department tells your Bishops and Priests to shut the H. up....or else!

Your Deacon assures the pews, filled with no one under sixty years of age that ObumR really is the 'One' and a promise of hope to us all. He should always add, ( for the few years we all have left).

When your ‘conservative’ party leaders tell you to vote ‘wink wink’ for them and then on freakin election eve at a time when liberals are only warming up... proclaims he was never pro life, that was just how he was thought of by those silly media people.

Side bar ( you know I ran for FCP a couple of elections ago, and only in the last week of the campaign, the Provincial Conservative candidate, Laurie Scott, changed her platform and decided that she was against homosexual marriage.

To that point, I was the only candidate to come out against homo marriages and I was never a threat to her, but she wanted any edge she could get over the liberal candidate so she stole votes from me by changing a few days before when at that time the polls showed rural ontario was not kosher with the whole homo 9 yards activism thing. So, she won I didn't get as many votes as the polls indicated prior to her 'brave stand'.

Keep in mind, I was only there to have a place where Catholics could vote in good conscience, if they so desired. Anyway, I only bring this up because just a few weeks ago her Party leader had her resign so he could get elected in her riding in a forced by-election and as a considered 'safest' conservative riding. Meanwhile, her conservative party has been seen in a liberal light since John Tory took over.. actually since Erny Eves the double-crosser took over from Mike Harris the double-crosser to be more accurate. Their Coat of Arms must be two fingers crossed behind a kilt encircled by golf clubs with blond Bimbos on the side.

To make matters worse for Lauri, Tory, and their whole new funky pseudo-liberal bunch, Canada's ( slightly leftist) version of the Drudge Report, kept showing a picture of a 'giggling' John Tory with a trans. homo whatever, sickly made- up clown, with his long tongue buried halfway into his right ear canal, every time Tory's name came up in the news.

(Of course, that isn't too often because you never hear from oppostion leaders anywhere in Canada even if they would have lost with 49 percent of the vote... except a couple of months before election days. It cuts in on their down time... I don't know ask them..maybe they have a losers club they all hang out at together. Of course, they may as well because they stand for nothing and the wind is bound to change a few times over 3-4 years.)

So you guessed it, Tory had to resign as leader after being thoroughly trounced in the Riding. The same liberal, Scott defeated (who cares who he is?) is now the Ridings elected M.P. Gee I wonder where they all stand on homo marriages now?)....End of Sidebar

You Know Catholicism is in Trouble When,

Socialist communist ‘Development and Peace’ pro-abortion nuts sail their envelops thru
the pews claiming they have no ulterior agendas. And the Bishops proclaim.."And all this time
we had absolutely no idea" yeah right...

When the government says, “Back to you guys with that charity thing, eh”.

When a national survey of Catholic schools finds the environment is the number 'one' concern of
Catholics today. (True)
If you believe God created the world...your number 'one' concern is the evnvironment...anyone home?

When one of the two remaining ‘Catholic Hospitals’ in your Province run by the Nuns of St.
Joseph’s in London keeps inviting B.J. Clinton back for banquets, double entendre anecdotes, memory lanes...and big bucks.

Is the same hospital that gives abortion referrals (like every other hospital in the Province isn't enough?) and the other Catholic hospital, St. Michael's, of downtown Toronto Centre of the Marxist Perverse Centre of the free world Universe hangs the rainbow flag in it’s lobby to play kissy kissy with activists.

When abortion is not mentioned or prayed against, and soldiers not prayed for, during Mass and
Jean Vanier doesn’t hand in his ‘snow-flake’ after Canada’s #1 Abortionist gets his Order Du
Banalada. (C'mon, Jean, you're not senile! You're a great gentleman, scholar and champion for Catholicism and Special Needs people at all stages)

When teacher militant Marxist unions, secular acting administrations and p.c. trustees, in complete charge of educating Catholic youth say they are okay with the Church’s teachings on ohhh... abortion, sexuality, marriage, birth control, homosexuality, and celebrate Priests and stop teaching Catholic teenagers to hate and ignore Catholicism.. big honking NOT...(just ask their leaders!)

Am I the only one in Canada to cut thru a CN tower-high load of B.S. and not cow tow to anyone because of political or financial affiliations. Babies can sure use a little less bull from all corners that they currently get in Canada, some supposedly on their side.

Come back when I'm in a bad mood, and I'll really tell you what I know.

Paul Gordon

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