Thursday, February 19, 2009

PeeOwed I Say PeeeeOwed, Day Light Come And

Ode of Sympathy To Our American Cousins

PeeeeeOwwweeeed........... I say PeeeeeeOweeed

Daylight come and someone else is eying me Home

Come Mr. Tax Man tally me some take- home,

Three or four jobs and were souping out the bone!

Oh, I work all day, but it’s gone before the night

‘Help’ someone else for once, cuz you sure give me a fright

35...50.....75....per cent, property taxes separate,

And just like paying rent

Everybody Now !!!!!

PeeeeOwwwwed ............I say PeeeeeeOwwwwed

Daylight come, now my neighour’s got me home

Come Monkey Travis I’m safer next to youuu!

You only want a pound of flesh, not my pockets toooo

You can sue me for this song, but hey, what’s two cents to you

Ist born 2nd born you want the whole darn bunch,

Next generation’s gonna hate you,

That’s more than just a hunch.

GM, unions,..... payback’s a real bitch

If schools were retail, to your fire, more unions

we would pitch. .

Healthcare, Daycare, Get it while it’s hot

Government All Care, but pay some more we’re not!

Bail outs..... Sell outs......... tax money grows on trees

Banks and execs are palming it,

Wham Bham, thank you mammm so please

ooohhhhhh PeeeeOwwwwwed We're Sooooooo Peeeeee Oweeeed
bopadah bopadah bopadah oh we're sooo screwed

Daylight come... Someone else has got my hommmeee

Also see The Tax Man .... a la The Candy Man on this sight.
"Oh, The Tax Man Takes Everything You Make...Gives it to the Special Interest....."

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