Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sean Hannity and the Octuplet Woman

Sean Hannity: Don’t Resort To Liberal Hyperbole!

Going into his strictly fiscal conservative mode as many Reaganites like to do Hannity allowed
some snot nosed fire breathing Narcistic bitch go on and on and on..... and on about the
supposed costs the (woman at the well) who gave birth to octuplets was going to cost poor poor
schmucks like her and Hannity in taxes,

Really, with all her charts and graphs, by the time ‘these rotten little buggers’ (babies) died they
were going to cost the American taxpayers something like a billion dollars. A bigger load of crap
I have never heard from liberals, Sean. Did this go around the whole fiscal Reaganite dead-guy
worshipping celebrity crew, as talking points, too?

Did any of the liberal and Reganite media pick up the fact that this woman did not want her own
donated embryos to die as they were going to be destroyed.

What would Ronnie have done? Is there a patriotic Hollywood rah rah speech to cover this one!
I know what Nancy would have done were she Queen of the world or Barbara Bush for that
matter. Neither, Ronnie or fiscal followers do, or will do squat for babies or families.

We have 8 kids and were still in the whole to layers of government, hardly the other way

Not to mention, we provided demographically-death challenged North America with some new
greatly welcomed future tax-payers and Hannity et bitch will be in real despair soon enough and in their lifetime, when the world takes over North America with all its ills, strictly by

This woman of politically correct ill repute just made up for (in strictest demographic terms only) 14 murdered babies from Narcisstic Yuppie bitches and/or their 'loving' husbands for wanting to 'advance their careers' by murdering their babies.

And if you really want a dose of worldly truth and reality. Hannity, et al know tax payers aren’t
paying all the social net costs anyway. They’re not even paying all the costs for their parents and the Marxist funny money they received and are still receiving.

North America has gone into great debt over all the current and past socialist happy place
services the Music Man feel good liberals sold them. Hence, states and provinces are going
bankrupt and bail out packages are proving worse than socialism right now as industry took them as gifts and are still not selling their products.

So lets blame all the debt and world economic depression on this woman while were at it,

With strict fiscal friends like the Reaganites, babies and social conservatives don't need enemies.

Paul Gordon

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