Monday, February 16, 2009

Put Nine Simple Questions of Logic To Darwinists

Nine Simple Questions of Logic To Darwinists

Not being a scholar of science of the physical history of man or geology, I have some questions
of simplest of logic to put forth to humanist disciples of Darwinism. ‘Logic’ never wanders from
the Truth of Christ! Yet, universal logic, also of the domain of God, is something Darwinism
can’t get around.

Here is only 9 questions that come to mind easily in minutes (of many around)....I’m sure.

1) If man evolved from the monkey or ape species, how come the monkey and ape species are all
still here? Is the theory not that evolution will always advance....Apparently not. Can we expect
people to now regress in evolution and go back to gorillas, the sea and the mud.

2) If animal life evolved from the sea, and sea life from swamp slime, how come there is still
abounding simple swamp life and abounding sea life?

3) How come affluent man evolved to self-destruction thru abortion, birth control etc. yet, poor
man (of the third world) multiply all the more, thus proving non- cohesiveness among the same
species and proof that the meek shall indeed inherit the earth in the coming short years (now),
and in long known Prophesy.

4) How did millions and millions of vegetable, insect and animal life species evolve all at the
same time, and how could such a wide variance of life develop from one kind of species specific

5) How did it happen that the complex make- up of the sea, the air, the earth and the universe all correspond together at exactly the right time to be able to support life, that just ‘happened’?
There had to be the ‘right’ gases, water and food before life, not after life. And how is it that many plants have curative and suffering easing properties for the human species? What does evolution care about suffering?

6) Why did there have to be abounding beauty in life quite pleasant or appeasing to ‘all’ the
senses ready for man and that only that man could appreciate, particularly in fauna and flora, but not omitted in the beauty of landscapes, great seas, water falls, night heavens indeed the properties of light itself in a rainbow or sunset and sunrise?

Animals and insects, indeed science does not need beauty to accomplish anything in existence.
A bee does not see, feel, or smell a rose like man does. A bird does not hear an 'aesthetically' pleasing sound of a song bird, like man does?

7) Can an animal appreciate simple visual beauty in another animal, same species or not, that a human can? Could these be traits, animals who crawled on land from the sea carried with them?

8) At the time of this writing, it has just been headlined in the media that billions of planets have
just been found in galaxy(s) that must contain earth-like characteristics. If so, and given that
billions of these earths have been around for millions or billions of years longer than earth then
going by Darwinism, either

a) there is no human-like life on these planets because indeed why would they not have
advanced enough, and independently, that they would not have made contact in one way or
another with earth even through manipulation of light in some way.

b) there is no substance or combinations of basic substances on these planets that could ever be
harnessed to make inter- galaxy travel or communication possible..... and so why are nations
wasting so much time and resources on even inter-planetary travel?

9) In the non-miracle world of science what is the explanation for miracles that can only be
attributed to the supernatural? Miracles that can only be observed and appreciated by man, not
gorillas, fish or swamp cells?

More likely, of course, is that the universe in all its heavenly magnitude is the Domain of God
and only the earth is His chosen planet.

Paul Gordon

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