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Canadian Church: Long-Hitched to Liberal Wagon

Canadian Church, Long- Hitched To Liberal Wagon

For a Church that know doubt sees itself as apolitical, the modern Canadian Church (Catholic)
has a tradition of being pretty tight soul mates with Canadian style liberalism.

Granted, there hasn’t been conservatism and so certainly no social conservatism in Canada since
the early European imported Marxist- culture of the great Wars. Even so, at that time, Canada’s
historically strangest Prime Minister, sent a refugee boat packed with Jewish women and
children waiting off the coast, back to a nightmare of a horrific ‘home’.

You know, the biggest enemy of the Catholic Church, (and Israel for that matter) has always been Karl Marx and his world destroying legacy, so why give this Anti-Christ any praise through the Church in liberal socialist talk and propaganda.. Karl Marx would have been the happy Roman lead whip man in the Crucifixion if he had been given birth by Satan earlier in the history of the World.

‘Catholic’ Liberal politicians throughout North America typified by Premier Dalton McGuinty of
Ontario, recently told the Holy Father in as much content and politeness to 'Just give me my
Communion, shut the Hell up and stay out of our way' when the Pope issued public statements
on North American pro-abortion politicians.

Where oh where, in the Gospels did the humble, sacrificing, loving Son of God ever favour wide-
eyed opportunistic populist money grabbing socialists, or money hogging capitalists, for that
matter, like modern Catholics and too many Priests (even one would be too many) do now?

It was around WWII that Canada’s most populist Prime Minister to date, ( think Obama in every liberal socialistic way) Pierre Trudeau, then a Marxist ingrained university student was parading around the Nation's Capital in an open convertible with his buddies, wearing a Nazi helmet and throwing out seg-heils to any fellow populist Jew haters, who might pay attention to them.

He was the man (none-the-less), who destroyed what order Canada had by allowing parliament
and the perennial liberal appointed Canadian style, activist judiciary to make up, and strike-
down whatever laws, liberals wanted as long as they were of Marxist or of ‘liberal-anything
goes,- values’.

When turdeau mercifully passed on, his son who..surprise, surprise, just ran and won a seat in
parliament in this last election gave his son-ly touching Narcisstic, I quote “Friends,
Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears” coast to coast, eulogy. Trudeau made anyone in the whole history of the dysfunctional perverted Boston Kennedy clan look like a Saint.

The misty- eyed national liberal media pathetically also reported that Trudeau’s un-annulled ex-wife proclaimed he would rise within her... in three days. Hey, you can’t make this up, even for Canada.

The only revelation about that whole, literal, train and circus act was to affirm where the, to that date and beyond, the aloof and secretive, (now cowering) Canadian Church was coming from.

Only, every Priest and Bishop east of Manitoba attended Trudeau’s Beaver and Loon State, Funeral, ( and just about the last time any of that piously brave group wore their collars in public).

It was a CBC /Toronto Star Canadian Catholic humanist pilgrimage that never happened before,
or is likely to happen again.

With a sea of black converged on to the red of Trudeau’s funeral, the red of Canadian babies
blood and the red of Canadian destroyed souls, we were now completely with out doubt that the
'Winnipeg Statement' of a horse shit of a pretend Bishop’s Conference, was a solid green light to relative morality.. for all Canadians ’as long as its good for 'you' as a person and you as a person are satisfied with that’.....

We now new why the liberal, highly respected/ least-ly deserved Toronto Catholic Cardinal
Carter, bragged about breaking into offices under cover of darkness to change Vatican II
documents ( “My proudest moment”). He was a Bishop at the time of Vaticangate and thereafter saw the Canadian Church through its most liberal small t transfiguration and when the Marxist infected Church was playing the pea in the shell game with its homosexual paedophiles... unchallenged.

I can go on about anecdotal evidence of a number of Churches throughout Ontario that were
never afraid to bring up their conservative distrust, their general American and specifically Bush bashing put-downs in sermons, mostly reticent of homosexuality and abortion sins.

Just last week I heard a sermon by a well tanned Deacon (fresh from a Jamaica vacation in a
Church whose Priests (they told us) were fresh from a Las Vegas sights and sounds vacation.. The upcoming poor younger generations will be able to relate to those sleek vows of poverty I’m sure. The Deacon's homily just had to include, “In January, Barack Obama gave us a message of hope!" At least he did follow it up with "Christ gives us a bigger message of hope" clarifying for all those who didn't at least realize Who is actually bigger.

But, no, well meaning Deacon, Obama gave us despair in a bus load of hand-picked pro-abortion, pro-perversion, anti-family, perverts and Marxists to his team of top political posts, who will pile on misery on the American Blacks and their families, and on the ‘Whites’ like they have never seen.

Obama orated prepared speeches full of cliches and b.s., written by others, (like his biography proven to be ghost written by American murdering communist Bill Ayers). Obumr has yet to offer anyone a plan for anything, only a budget authored by a Democrat Congress, filled with pork and pay-offs not to mention money for free condoms for the world and political graft for planned non parent-hoods for services rendered.

Cynical, negative? Give your head a shake of reality, Canadian Catholic Church!

Untold Catholics wrote their Priests and Bishops polite private letters of the Canadian Catholic
Churches failings and look where they were filed and where, it all led through the Age of
Perversion, the Narcissistic path to Hedonism, and the Culture of Death

You need to be held up to the light of the sun and ridiculed because you have taken no
responsibility for all your cowardice induced failings to Canadian Roman Catholic children and

You put up this impenetrable shell from ‘all’ criticism because you convinced yourself that you
could do no wrong, and you didn’t need to heed anyone, yet look at your Churches now, and the
society they are in bed with. You ‘equated’ yourself more at a level equal with the Son of God
than his servants.

You believed and convinced others that prayer took care of everything and the slightest effort
towards self-help, slightest effort towards protecting your Country from enemies within, was not necessary, in fact, those sitting in pews could contribute to the destruction of the Country and the family as long as they recited prayers.

You told them, the Very Gates of Hell would be kept at bay without the ‘slightest’ help from you, as the Church, or the flocks you were supposed to lead. Well I have faith too that the Gates of
Hell will never be opened to God’s domain, but which side of the Gates will the Canadian
Catholic Church and all those they led absolutely nowhere be on?

I have a son who couldn’t take one year of modern philosophy that Priests are forced to take, at
least in Canada. “Dad these philosophers are the most depressed, sickest, depraved sexual
deviants that one could ever stomach”.

When did the philosophy of man overtake the Truth of Theology of the Gospel of Christ? When
will we have the year of, Christ the Truth? Not that we want to seem to pushy to the World and
all its secular, nature, and man- worshipped religions. No as Catholics let's be typically Canadian.

If a pack of hungry wolves breaks into your backyard and starts destroying your possessions and property, do you

a) ignore them as they will go away, when you have nothing of value left
a) send one of your sympathizing family members to join them with the promise he will lead
them out
b) throw them left-over meat (votes) because you had to throw the meat somewhere to not waste it
c) send out your children to learn all about life and socializing from them ( State and Marxist
d) Give them your babies to babysit while you and your spouse go to work to pay for all the taxes you have to pay.. including rent- size taxes for ‘owned property’ to cities, downloaded from the Province and hotel rates for actual rents and rooms.
e) Pray night and day that they will just go away
f) Or go to the door, and do something as easy as make a heck of a lot of noise and scare them
away, as did all the activist and politically correct chattering class groups with the government...
and with you.

And if there is one question in the balance of my life that I would like answered by the Church it
would be:

Even if you were attracted to, or brainwashed in, the Church and family destroying liberal-
Marxist culture, education, and entertainment of the last 50-60 years. Even if you feel powerless to change anything now (even though there is no one else to do it, but the True Church of the Son of God)

Why do you, (Priests) by all objective observation and accomplishment, feel absolutely nothing
for helpless little baby boys and baby girls who are routinely murdered in blood lust fashion as
mere birth control options and sacrifices to the God of politically correct hedonism.

..... A sick, sick social illness wherein a society kills its own, mothers kill their own, often in
agreement or coerced by men and all levels of government make it Just and Righteous by
promoting it, and paying for it with monies ‘taken’ from society.... promoted by public paid
academia and all labour unions... promoted by the only society recognized women’s
representative (also funded by government)... and promoted by all mainstream news and raunchy entertainment media(s). The same all- levels of government that now promote homosexual marriages and 'award' children of the State, to.

{ side bar... You know maybe not all homosexuals are paedophiles, though you have to admit
that homosexuality is very deviant in itself, but no one can breath the same air on the same planet I’m standing on and with a straight face tell me that all ‘men’ who abuse, and in doing so often traumatize, and brutalize little ‘boys’ are not homosexuals.

Certainly, the Vatican recognizes this in now screening new Priests. Certainly, male sports
associations recognize this, in requiring police checks of male coaches because of media
broadcasted past incidents and court reports, and male private schools require police checks of
male teachers in their schools. Certainly there have been as many if not more molestations of
boys in public schools by male teachers as in the Catholic Church. Are these men not to be considered the homosexuals, either?

Look, there is only one reason homosexuality jumped to the front of societal preferred status and enjoys, preferential judicial treatment, and free reign in obscene naked parades commanding shallow politicians, police chiefs, and public servants to dance in front of them, and allow public
bar, public bathroom, public park, and bathhouse orgies, and that is... 'sympathy'.

The misplaced sympathy entertainment, and liberal media heaped on homosexuals when there was no cure for AIDS another venereal disease of morality, and it started with Hollywood’s (now) long suffering annual tribute to homosexuality with the first oscar going to Tom Hanks in Philadelphia in the early 90s....end of side bar with apologies for the long digression}

But, can you as Priests not appreciate what is being done to babies because, naturally, you have
never been biological fathers and can’t relate to love of babies and appreciate life for what it
really is? And I write this not sarcastically because many parents only do become truly pro-life
after having an appreciation for their own baby(s). Often even siblings can’t appreciate the life of each other, never mind babies.

But, as only God the Father can love all, (though many pious individuals claim the same, only the Holy Trinity is the Holy Trinity and acts as the Holy Trinity, a most important message many in the world don't get), sometimes, only parents can always love and appreciate, their own children.
Is it because you think the Knights of Columbus and the CWL should be handling these gravely
moral matters/ mortal sins, to take the heat off you, so that you don’t personally offend any
liberals and Marxists in the pews, who too often think differently.

I ask this most morally intrinsic core based question, because abortion is rarely 'mentioned' in
Churches and homilies let alone any action initiated, suggested or intimated. In all the Churches I’ve attended, and its been quite a few in Southern Ontario, there is only one Church that offered St. Michael prayers for unborn babies every week, and even there, Catholics helped elect pro-abortion political parties that stand for nothing else.... anyway.

In the absence or vacuum of all criticism, compliance is hinted, apathy at best, and as with the government and Judicial system, all credibility and standing is quickly eroded, and hard won back.

All ‘mainstream’ parties in Canada amalgamated into the same mush on all other issues long ago
with the exception of the NDP frothing nut-cakes who hang way to the left. Point being, what is
the other burning issues that one would vote for a pro-abortion party that trumps baby murdering
policies? breaks?...’free’ daycare?.. free anything that of course isn’t free at all to anyone or
any family and forces everyone in Canadian families to work to pay more taxes for all these
‘free’ services.

Where is the outrage! least once in a blue moon....if not every living accountable week?

Paul Gordon

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  1. My mother was born in Illinois, but her father was from Montreal. I had no idea Canada was so pro-abortion. I've been hearing it for awhile, but your blog proves it. I also hear you have no free speech rules, you can't protest at abortion facilities, etc. Lot of things are different. I really appreciate living in the US, even though we are going through a dark period now. At least there is Hope and not the Barrack Obama kind. I'll prary for you.