Saturday, January 31, 2009

O Canada: What's All the Feigned Indignation Here?

O Canada...O Banal-a-duh!: What’s All the Feigned Indignation Here?

So the liberal socialist media is up in arms over one school on the East Coast that has decided to stop playing O Canada (We stand on guard for thee).

Apparently, it’s mostly an insult to English Canada’s beer- crazed hockey fans or ninety percent of non-immigrants, legal and illegal.

The demographic problem mostly attributed to Planned Non-Parent-Hoods is such that this group is not the largest group in Canada anymore...especially when you take separate and Special Quebec into consideration, with Special Newfoundland on the rise.

I really don’t see it as an insult to Canadian soldiers who are fighting as freedom fighters in good faith in the Mid-East. They are not defending Canada over there and they are being politically used by both sides.

The officially self- appointed, or political Eastern Muslim Arabs, the most dysfunctional religious group of opportunity, you could ever come across, are at best un-grateful for services rendered.
Still, a by and large, biggest bully takes all, group of nations, the Muslims appear to only want help in changing bullies rather than thru elections (which really aren’t practical in a land of bullies and an ancient, closer to tribal, religion based on a bully of a human prophet who had a penchant for doing little girls and killing fellow Arab, opposing tribes.

Update Feb. 13 2009
Does anyone remember the last time a Christian be-headed someone....?
Does anyone remember the last time a Muslim be-headed someone?
Oh yes, that would be today, and just across the lake in Buffalo though you wouldn't know he was a Muslim until half way below the fold of the liberal newspaper (typical for all North America)

Ironically, he ostensibly produced a tv program to show Islam in a better light!
Why would head-chopping wives, even be in anyone's thought processes except through the truth of Islam the phony religion of peace and love, that worships their, one...hellooo 'one', phony Profit (spelled correctly, for what he was at the time)

Not that Islam isn't pro-life, and good for something... as long as the baby is born to a Muslim that is.

Speaking of home grown Muslims, has anyone seen Obama's American birth certificate yet, the one that his lawyers are suing to make sure the non-existent document (that is Constitutionally required to be a President) does not have to be produced for anyone, including a silly old judge? Didn't think so.....

Speaking of tribal human beings, did anyone see where a group of Brazilian cannibals did what......oh, of course, they ate one of their tribes people... Hey, don't think it wouldn't have been okay to eat a missionary or like.

But hey lets keep primitive tribes, rolling in the mud, dying young and eating each other. It's so cute and aesthetic to keep some of God's equal children howling at the moon and worshipping animals, isn't it. Yet, if they needed rubbers or abortions we'd air drop them materials and instructions in a heart beat just in case they got to big in mumbers for affluent liberal yuppies and finacially threatened fiscal conservatives.

In the West, the religion of peace and love that would kill anyone who disagrees.. has so far been apathetic or ambivalent at best.. about Muslim terrorists who use their women and children as shields and bomb deliverers. It must be some kind of no-no or at minimum embarrassment to be saved by infidel soldiers or President Bush(s). Just ask any big city taxi driver.

The West, particularly the U.S. won’t take on the real culprit and area terrorist provider, Iran, or let Israel do the favour for everyone, thus, killing freedom fighters in a slow and painful bloody duration.

‘All’ freedom fighting soldiers or freedom fighting mercenaries in good faith, should be highly commended and prayed for in Catholic Churches of which they are not right now, (at least in Canada) because that goes against in the strong socialist, and homosexual hold on the modern Church in Canada.

Presumably, these soldiers are fighting for such freedoms as freedom to live, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to elect leaders, etc. aka your basic human rights that liberal-Marxist media through-out the world has difficulty with.

But, stand on guard for queer and queasy Canada, and that bunch of ‘publicly’- unelected clowns and their unelected powerful public- image consulting offices? Stand on guard for a baby killing family destroying, child innocense robbing nation of Narcistic Pantheists. I’d rather stand on guard for, Nineveh, for Sodom and Gomorrah, for the former USSR.

That H.S. line of, but look at the good Canada has to offer doesn’t cut it, anymore. This is not the Canada that was defended in the Great Wars and against the commies of the world through Korea.

It is also a Canada that would not be defended by navel gazing, religion booting, money crazed Quebeckers and Newfoundlanders, or the majority of immigrants, I would wager.... any day.
Step down from your brainwashed patriotic/idiotic soap boxes and thrones and take a good look around at the Country you picked and support.

A Nation is its current people, first and foremost

Nations go from great to down the toilet no matter the name they choose in the world.

And a Nation without the one God.... is a canada

Paul Gordon

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