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The Holy Trinity Connection of The Nuclear Family

The Holy Trinity Connection of The Nuclear Family

In nothing, but reverence, to the very real Holy Trinity there is an obvious nuclear family connection to the Holy Trinity in as much as the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost reside in all living souls and lie only as dormant as we confine them... in free will.

It takes a ‘trinity’ of three beings to make a natural nuclear family, and like the Father and the Son, mother and son (or daughter, if it need be said) are both one, yet distinctly two beings at the same time, as in being one during nine months of pregnancy with permanent bonds that go long beyond.

Of course, a father is essential in completing the natural nuclear family and placing not only man in God’s image, but the family in the Holy Trinity’s image.

The Holy Trinity is all about the beauty of life and love and within the nuclear family. The Holy Trinity is in the family at the onset of life, literally, and figuratively.

If anyone in the family is injured the family is injured....if any one being is grievously injured... so is the family.

This has been the way thru the nature and history of man. Men and women seek loving companionship with new life considered the ultimate cherished fruit of that relationship, euphorically anticipated and rewarded at the arriving time of new life.....birth anew... refreshed meaning to life...indeed the simple purpose of life, love and regeneration.

The human loving family left to its own devises, un-assailed from Satan thru humanism, thru learned narcissism, thru morally corrupt socially approved modern philosophic academia is a simple truth where God’s proof, thru perfect plan is lain bare. In all history of man no where has Satan’s existence been lain more bare than in modern time.

On earth, Man has allowed that Truth be artificially wrested from God by unchained academia which has denied Truth’s existence and made man blind to It.

The ugly sister to theology and temptation to man, modern philosophy, has risen and in all its inane nature attacked the social fabric of the family bringing western society to its knees. It's found useful idiots abound in humanism to field its work.

All the aberrations, the exceptions... indeed, if God’s most precious, most defenceless, most loved be considered wrongly that way, still do not negate the Truth. The loves of God solidify that Truth.

A humanist- recognized and celebrated, homosexual couple is never going to ‘get this’ and certainly never going to desire it, i.e., how can a 'homosexual couple' pretend to be a nuclear family in God’s plan of life, and allow their child begotten by ‘Man and State’, to contemplate and consider a nuclear family of his/her own, thus exposing their inherently and logically illegitimate nature and existence, of the homosexual family? The two can't logically co-exist or even be logically explained.

Through thousands of years of the history of man there has never been a desire or call for the want of a ‘homosexual family’. It is absurd, to have a family with the only common thread being deviant sexual relations between two individuals of the same sex, unable to replicate itself in nature. Multiple partners and multiple occasions for deviant sexual relations is all that homosexuality was ever about from Sodom on down.

Despite learned societal feelings of victim-hood to incite hate and mask guilt especially in instances of male paedophile, males engaged in homosexual group and public gatherings and activities, have families and monoganistic relationships as the last thing on their minds, to be sure.

Only in the last few years, of thousands is there a burning desire to have homosexuality recognized and approved by society as something normal, let alone worthy of being granted with official marriage status.

Everything is wrong about the break-up of the family, as everything is wrong with 'man’s science' becoming the new nature... as with birth control and with man soul destroying abortions being used as just another arm of birth control, not the least being... the impending demographic world quagmire.

The dominant liberal Marxist humanism of today is so bereft of logic and foresight it can’t see it’s own inevitable slow suicide in front of its face.

How is it, sophisticated man can so appreciate, enjoy and absorb God’s gifts in man and in nature in classical music, in the ultimate aspirations of the human voice, in the expressions and emotions of the mind and soul brought to the reality of life thru the medium of God given hands, yet fail to see the beauty of the baby, however so affected to the eye, to the pride, to the disdain of Satan championed society... and for whatever so reason, of the perfect God?

And if Satanic championed society be so concerned, so enamoured.. with attacking Christ, with removing everything from existence except tributes and memorials to humanism, except the unbounded freedoms of humanism that put the family and man’s greatest achievements in limiting bondage in the limited confines of the world, then let man see that what is ugly begets what is ugly and that death begets death.

Uncontrolled self restraint lets loose anarchy and imprisons the soul away from the light and all that is good.

Non-Muslim, and other non- Eastern religion nations world- wide are having to import the only families who are actually reproducing themselves. In as much as these individuals are primarily third-world poor ( sometimes only because of the greed of dictatorships and quasi- religious leaders) the poor, if not the meek, are on the road to eventually inherit the world, sooner than later.

Ignorance breeds contempt, but man gods or pantheism thru academia brings hell upon themselves.

The question destined to be answered from the Ghost of Christmas Future will be how well will the new political masters (by sheer democratic numbers) of the world, treat the ‘well- intended’ liberals and Marxist remnant individuals of quasi-free humanist nations, remains solidly on the table.

Even the United States is showing the world what becomes stark reality as it has now all, but officially abandoned God, and how the imprisoning forth-coming One World Order is to be feared.

Paul Gordon

Marmora Ontario

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