Friday, September 20, 2013

Pope Francis Didn't Get The Job Descrip.

Francis Didn’t Get The Papal Job Description Very few 'modern' Jesuits even get the priest job description. They're like the perpetual students who see themselves as brilliant in their own worlds who do no work unless the 'spirit' moves them. To cut to the chaste the Chair of St Peter is quite different from the back of the bus priest in Argentina. His most disturbing self- image is one that he arrives on the battlefield to love and administer to the dying after the battle. The love of Christ is only half of the utterly no nonsense Christ of the Gospels, the only Christ any Christian has record of. Hence, He was hated by the world and Crucified by the world He certainly was not a cuddly old teddy bear man or modern Jesuit liberal cult, looking to be personally loved or admired by the world. As Francis’s two recent predecessors demonstrated, Christ came to show the light, the way, the good news (the Truth) to the world for the salvation of man not just to pick up the pieces as the World spit them out. In a world increasingly being dominated by out of control spiraling evil, now is not the time to be the spiritual hippie of live and let live unless you’re shilling for the United Church or ‘Church’ of the World. To say the Catholic Church is too obsessive about abortion, and homosexuality (which by the way owns pedophilia by anyone’s stats and studies) and the Church should put it on the back burner because we already know of it…. can also be said of the fact that we also already know to judge the sin not the sinner. It’s sounds like a ‘strategy’ for the one Truth ( that everyone can only count on) that has no use for the World’s ‘strategies’. Intended or not, it also nefariously adds yet another sympathetic add-on to the activist World cause when the emphasis strictly being on forgiveness, but no mention of leaving the sin behind… not remaining in it, and ‘proud’ of it. Do the millions of homosexual’s who partake in the ‘pride’ parades even desire forgiveness? On the other hand, wouldn’t they just love the Churches blessings anyway? Christ came with a message of prevention if you will with the tool of Truth. Not as clean-up person directed by crisis management because he didn’t want to offend populism. Until now, never in history has there been a Pope to say.. Sin is Okay and never could there be a worse time than to have one to say it now! One thing is for sure Francis will never have to worry about being martyred… one would have to a have a stand first to be martyred for. It’s 2013 not 1960 of the revolutions That Catholics should hug their deadly enemies, Marxists and Muslims is shaking hand I don’t for a second believe that the kind of social enemies Christ told us to forgive and turn the other cheek to, were the kind of World evil embracing enemies who would take our lives and the lives and souls of our children for merely entertainment. Again this would be Catholic spiritual hippy-ism embraced by the Jesuits at large. Finally, considering the state of the souls of many of the modern politically- appointed (don’t kid yourselves) Cardinals it’s no wonder the Holy Ghost had no influence on their pick. Pray for the Pope and weep for the Church no less, mankind. Paul Gordon

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