Monday, September 23, 2013

Oh Please!.. Priest Offers Papal Apologist Homily

Oh Please.. Priest Offers Francis Apologist Homily The United States has it’s Obama. Though it is early, it is increasingly becoming apparent that the Church has it’s own populist eager ‘Obama’ in Pope Francis who along with his soon to be right-hand man (cool with married priests) will complete the ‘Boys from South America’ destroy the Church, routine. Could there be worse mix than a couple of modern Jesuits from South America in control of the Roman Catholic Church? At the Mass I attended on Sunday the priest didn’t have to say anything, but like Francis he felt obligated to defend the loosest cannon the Vatican has seen in life times. How he defended the Pope was incredulous. He brought up the latest statements the Pope said about homosexuality and abortion and how the Church was obsessed with these evils. Gee, I wish they were, but I never hear sermons about the perversion of homosexuality, and the perversion of pedophilia (owned by homosexuality) or the perversion of abortion or contraception. And if they’re not talking about evil in Canada they’re certainly not talking about evil in Europe, so I have no idea what the Pope refers to as ‘obsessions’ of the Catholic Church. So the priest lectured, let’s put the ‘sins’ (you say tomato, I say evil) of abortion and homosexuality aside for a minute and talk about the sin of Sunday shopping. ‘Not that long ago, there was no way that Catholics would shop on Sunday. But, now with the passing of time it’s not a considered a big deal anymore.’ ‘All I’m saying is that we’re all sinners and we all deserve to be forgiven for those sins and be welcomed into the Church’ Okay, so the priest attached the same gravity of sin to Sunday shopping to abortion and homosexuality, Why stop at murdering babies or pedophilia in your logic, not to make Sunday shopping a serious sin obviously, but absolutely and solely to down play ‘evil’ into merely a sin… of what… a moment’s ‘weakness’? Pedophilia and murder are two hell of morality bars to equate with venial sins. Christ did make clear distinctions between what was sin and was pure evil. He drove evil men into swine and had them leap from a cliff. He chased the money changers out of the Temple and He told of a special place in Hell for pedophiles and those who would destroy the innocence and souls of children. Christ never ate with evil and even tossed Judas out from His last supper whom was neither an abortionist or a pedophile. The Vatican is to ‘lead’… to deliver… people from evil as in the prayer… not to preach that it’s ever ‘okay’ to not only be a sinner, but to be intrinsically evil in obvious communion with the nature of the World. What this comes across as is that it’s okay whatever you do, whoever you are it’s really okay. The priest then credited Pope Francis with a caveat, but something Francis never said in his love me, small talk meet and greets, or to his journalist Jesuit ‘friends’, that a sinner has to have it genuinely in his head to not be okay in his sin and to sin anymore. Sorry, but it is exactly the modern political correctness and other politics of the Church and infiltration of socialist homosexuals and pedophiles and the non- distinguishing between real ‘evil’ and moral sin that has brought the world to where it is today, just one big playground for evil. It is also this Church and this Pope that tells us to embrace Islam. These are unrepentant murderers who murder again and again, especially Christians and absolutely with no conscience to even follow. For someone who knows so much about sin and the evil of money this Pope seems to know little of the 'evil' men also do. I don’t buy that it’s ‘ok to sin, now’ (and why push confession)… so I hardly believe it’s okay to be evil now, as well. The Word has been around for 2ooo years… how can we be forgiven for ‘not knowing what we do', now... And we don’t just Crucify men in Satanic populism embracing pride of men and women. Hold off on the ‘field hospital’ dying last rites rounds… just yet. Go back to ‘leading’ and ‘preventative’ soul salvation…before the battlefield is littered with the lost. Leave the dead to bury the dead…embrace life and love… Don’t obscure the one Truth of the one Christ of the One God.. for the sake of pure political expediency.

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