Friday, September 27, 2013

Hudak! Quit Counting on Protest Vote Alone!

Hey Hudak Quit Counting Only On Protest Vote (can't get compose section to work only stupid HTML... wish google would screwing around with things... fire some people if they can't find any work to do)) A number of liberal financial blunders may win some protest votes in the popular vote over to the progressives, but ‘it’s the policies stupid’! Policies of which Canadian conservative parties have none, nada zippo. Preferring that Mac’s Milk could carry booze is not much of a policy and it’s all you got…at least that you would like to share with anyone including voters! In such absence it can only be assumed that the Ontario conservative party is happy to assume and move forward with liberal policies. .. or where the most damage was accomplished on Canadian citizens living in Toronto owned Ontario. (pretty sad when citizens wary of their home provinces tramping on their rights through un-mandated legislation and decree, have to look to the feds for a sliver of security) Protest votes are not enough to shake the apathy out of voters when you ‘promise’ to do… absolutely nothing different. Yes!... Continue, and add to the political correctness tool the liberals really and proudly transformed the whole province with, under, liberal establishment fan- out, stigmatization, decree, order, lawyer and force of law. That’s the way to this voter’s heart. But here’s the real funny thing. Except for the downtown core of Toronto or the ‘gay village’ in the world of it is, what it is…. Rob Ford rules. Did you get that Conservatives, Rob Ford rules and where it counts…in the polls. Look slightly to the west and and thoroughly non-PC Hazel rules…even did, before Harris came along and well out lived is two faced political career. No bells being rung yet? … thought so! That’s the way it is with politicians who run just for the sake of position and longevity and not on principles. McGuinty had more principles than any modern conservatives if certainly the wrong ones… as do the NDP. Conservatives don’t even have a rotten platform to fall through never mind a good one. As it is, I would never ever vote liberal, but neither would I vote for any modern day conservative such as they have been for a number of elections now. If you want to start and make a difference somewhere, start with the sweetheart deal the liberals have with the teacher’s unions where they co-conspire to misappropriate tax payer’s money today and worse on tomorrow’s credit. It never did Harris any harm and it was the one promise he kept. What most people remember conservative guru Reagan for is taking on a public union. Paul Gordon

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