Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blast From 1960 Past And Right Up Mark Levin's Alley

Blast From the ‘60s’ Past & Right Up Mark Levin’s Alley Jack Benny, William Holden and Bob Hope Aid Priest and His Movement In Defending Declaration of Independence I was given a DVD of 39 episodes of the Jack Benny Show and one filmed around 1960 I found quite interesting. If you are a controlling liberal freak or a communist (many would argue what’s the difference?) you would probably categorize it as a contrived political propaganda show.. and there is no doubt it was contrived. But, if you are a normal freedom loving Judeo-Christian you would see it as a WTF just happened to normalcy, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and to the greatest free world nation defender of Christianity, the greatest free religion of the world? You are still swearing it, but you may be surprised that it was being said in 1960 and surprised by whom was saying it then. The show was called, You Can Change The World, and it was centered around Father Keller, founder of the Christopher Movement and the film piece primarily dealt with the Declaration of Independence and how it had been trampled on so far (up to1960, that is) It featured Hollywood entertainers, Jack Benny, William Holden, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby who sung a song just written for the movement, Loretta Young, Paul Douglass, Ann Blyth and Irene Dunne, along with the most somber, Rochester you’ll ever see on the reading of a letter from Abraham Lincoln referring to the Declaration of Independence. The main thrust of the show was how God was so intrinsically melded to the civilized founding of a Christian Nation Republic and how the nation was really under attack at the time. Around the same time, the Communists of America’s ‘agenda’ was being presented to a State Committee on the other coast, Florida.. wherein there agenda wanted to, and did, infiltrate the exact same institutions the Christopher movement wanted to win back.. most notably, education and the teaching profession, of which Marxists had taken control during World War II, and more so, after World War II. Specific comment is made of the same Karl Marx liberals were whorshipping. You can view or purchase (11 bucks I believe) the show on line. Or, buy the Jack Benny 39 episode DVD which probably wouldn’t cost much more and view it on that. Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin (not to mention the Catholic Church), and others wouldn’t do themselves any harm in playing snip- bits on their shows. It does show that some famous liberals at the time even had a ‘line in the sand’ they wouldn’t cross. I wonder how the three Stooges felt? “Now cut that out!” Paul Gordon

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