Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Big No To Assisted Sucide 'Dignified' Dr. Low.Video.

A Big No To Dr. Low Of The Culture of ‘Narcissistic’ Death So Donald made a ‘brave’ ‘video’ a few days before died in favor of assisted suicide… and not because of his present condition which didn’t show much suffering in his video, but because of what he expected to happen in his future when he might not have the ‘presence of mind’, to kill himself. Horse shit. I guess he never heard of palliative care a whole field of government medicine meant to assist with killing using morphine and no particular script or indication for use and certainly without participation from the patient if even one relative is in agreement. First off, he was hardly a ‘brave’ man for swimming downstream with his fellow liberal establishment. Secondly, his viral video was conspicuously generated at the same time another viral self-made video made grand publicity for it’s faux hero, an attention grabbing drunk driver for his same cause…. himself. Boo hoo to Dr. Low… Millions…. billions of the world’s loved ones went to the graves bravely without bitching about their so called dignity being stripped. Look how Pope John Paul smiled in his pain under the world’s media microscope every second right to the last breath. But, Mr. Low and his Western death obsessed activists are special. It doesn’t matter that assisted suicide would always be abused like it is in the Netherlands where there is no choice for the elderly and record numbers of seniors are ‘assisted’ all the way to the grave every year in the name of socialist and civic duty. What counts is there poor narcissistic asses and all their statements begin with I. Yeah self- suffocation through increased morphine hits.. that’s the ticket to painless dignity! One doesn’t panic or lose control of one’s bodily functions when suffocating to death? Dementia and Alzheimer’s are probably a good way to face death not an undignified way to go as a ‘burden’. According to popular giddy liberal talk radio show hose, Bill Carroll. It’s time we got mature enough to have the discussion about assisted suicide. Well, with Al Gore, not agreeing with him means you are a racist denier. With economy terrorist, David Suzuki (recently fried in Australia) you belong in jail for not agreeing with him and his ‘science of talking points’ with no debate allowed or science of reality as a starting point. With pro-abortionists… choice means murder within the culture of death, or pro-death… period, but if you disagree you are anti-choice. You are saving a baby, but you are restricting a woman’s choice in a world where freedom means nothing to anyone anymore anyway.. except for freedom to ‘every’ perversion imaginable… with granted marriage and adoption rights to boot. With homosexual activists… agree or be persecuted in every social setting imaginable if not prosecuted in human rights Kangaroo courts.. With Islam the culture of pedophilia, murder and abuse... if you don't agree you are an Islamaphobe and certainly you had better be one if you are living in an official Islamic nation especially if you are Christian or a Jewish media person. And with Bill Carroll (with 2 count em 2 talk shows) and the rest of the liberal establishment ‘mature’ means any disagreement is immature and ‘discussion’ means complete and utter capitulation just as it means for any liberal cause d’celeb du jour. And if there is one thing liberals and their atheist humanist religion have, it’s odd celebs for every one of their godless perverted causes. So Leslie nobody the Ted Knight brain anchor from Global News piles on in conversation with Bill and adds… Low blow was a doctor of micro-biology… what better person to have, to comment on death and dying….. Huh?? Explain… please, Leslie. According to Bill, Low was available any time, night or day to come on the air during the SARS (phony outbreak). ‘Phony’ because only 44 people out of millions died during the SARS ‘epidemic’ overwhelmingly the elderly with weakened immune systems. More, of which die from other contracted respiratory illness every year. Not that we would ever have to be skeptical of Health Department’s Public Announcement’s going by their record to date. You couldn’t fill the stands in a neighborhood ball park bleacher with the dead of all of Ontario attributed directly to their emergency outbreaks and demands for public mobilaztion Maybe Low was an attention getter and this was his last kick at the can. There is no one more shallow, but who acts more self-righteous and 'socialist caring' than a liberal. After all, liberals believe they only live eternally through their mark and their hero’s marks in society. Your first clue to how wrong all this is when the lesbian Premier and her Cabinet makes a big deal of it and how brave Low was. Yeah, Low is dead. So what. So are we all in this culture of death. Where is the sympathy for people killed merely on the say so of others who just can’t stand to see weak people being undignified? Where is the sympathy for all the murdered babies? F. Off liberals… the internet is here and the Truth will be passed along. You cost us nothing but money, pain, souls and innocence of children. Nothing personal Low but your cause was, and is evil, and sadly you took that to the grave. Paul Gordon

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