Friday, September 23, 2011

If You're Catholic, You don't vote For Tim Hudak or McGuinty..Capiche!

Are Canadian Roman Catholics as bloody stupid as the Canadian Catholic Bishops?

Let's see, Conservative and Liberal political parties are 100 percent behind abortion anytime any reason and for full funding. They have also been/are proud to be lap dogs for every non visible minority homosexual crazy cause, centred on perverse sexual activity not born into a culture of non-choice and more primitive than natural instinct tribes.

They also back one hundred percent 'no choice' (family hating union) inferior academic education for middle and low income children though none of the party and national leaders ever dare to send their own children to such.

Certainly, their party handlers are never going to change as long as you are as guilty as they are and keep f-----g supporting them..Capiche! (Yes, that's sometimes an Irish term)

When elected they are in charge of all of the above.

Oh wait both McGuinty and Hudak are promising no new taxes!

Well some, imaginary leftist law says I have to vote for I'd better vote for one of these two.

That's what Jesus, my Bishop and my Priest would have done! (Okay, the last two do vote for them).

Heaping hypocritical Catholics, Give your f-----g heads a shake will ya!  You can also check any f-----g Steri-Cycle rented van for the results you one hundred percent empowered, and should be very proud of.

Then tell me it wasn't you, or you had to vote for someone, or you wanted to associated with a winning political power (who most certainly does have a lot if not all control on these moral Truths as far as the reality of secular pipsqueak Ontario and Canada are concerned vs. eternal Truth)

And yes I am telling you how to vote because your own head has rationalized logic and Truth out of your own mind. You welcomed being brainwashed because you saw something in it for you.

Someone needs to tell you!

These Days, Ashamed Canadian,
Ontarian, and 'Canadian' Catholic
Paul  Gordon  Marmora On.


  1. The Catholic church has lost it way many years ago is now irrelevant.

  2. No, Simeon, the Church is NOT irrelevant, only its bishops are.