Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Than Just Cute Babies At Stake For Catholic Pro-Lifers

Of course, there is the true Catholic take on abortion that puts equal, if not more emphasis on the other tragedies of abortion.

Granted the innocent soul of the innocent baby is not compromised by the actions of its murderers and way too many non-participant uppity bystanders.

However, that is hardly the total extent of the tragedy and does not offer a get out of Hell card for the current segments of participants, fans, and idle bystanders.

The mother and the father (when he coerces, or is joint party to) when the mother has abortion, have their souls decidedly at risk not to mention the mother's physical and mental health.

There is the dark hole humanity enters itself, where there is no respect for life and what on God's earth is their to compensate for this darkness? Look at the darkest hole of the last century when Nazis and communists  had no respect for the life of Jews and Polish Catholic priests for two groups.

Good tax returns, good entertainment, good sports, good and undeserved nationalism, good politics, good drink and good drugs, good buddies and gal pals, good sex, homosexual 'families'?

Bishops, priests, (and pundits sometimes too), need to think about the importance and priority of the whole tragedy, not just the loss of a physical innocent, they could never appreciate the personal love, from a parents perspective, to begin with. 

Enough of the sermons of the history of the Cross or chicken sermon soup for the soul!

Jesus had to talk in parables, you don't. Or are the Bishops too worried about losing charitable tax status.

By the way, from my house I can see the European Catholic Churches becoming big centres for charity again instead of socialist governments.

Paul Gordon

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