Saturday, October 15, 2011

All Religions Should Be Respected Equally...Of Course Not

In some ways religion is like free speech, and in others, it's not.
Not all speech is good. Some of it is horrible, and can be almost anything that enters the brain that doesn't fall under a human rights shelter du jour and tumble on out the mouth.

Logic warning:. All liberals can cut off what's left of their brains and start screaming their favourite sound bites and  rants now.

Certainly, not all modern 'religions' are good either, but one doesn't obtain or garner collection money, various tax exemptions, grants, abetting liberal child brain washers from academia and justice depts. human rights  favors, get out out of jail free, etc. from any old free speech now do they.

(Of course, cults based on homosexual acts enjoy far more benefits than anything else on God's green earth in our times.)

Free religion can be a lot more financially beneficial than free speech.

Logically, why would anyone follow a religion (of salvation at least) if it wasn't around from the beginning.

Logically, God didn't wait until Luther, or Mormonism or a modern 'prophet' to give us the good news.
Neither, did he give us the Good News, through pot smokers, island and tribal witch doctors, native moon barkers and literal weed smokers, drug stupored slain in the spirit origination form the 50s etc. etc. Jesuit or Dominican liberal academic philosophy, to let us 'in on it'.  

Logically, should national geographic thinking keep native tribes naked in all ways for their own aesthetic fish bowl viewing. Yeah, like native North American Indians would ever like to go back to pre-civilization times either.

More important than free 'religon- for- anything' though, is why would anyone be suckered into any fad or ancient murderous Nomad useful bully religion, to begin with? 

I don't see why tax or revenue arms of government cannot be at least a little more discerning about what constitutes a real religion without insulting logical thinking tax payers and then keep their p.c.  controlling  paws off of them.

Paul Gordon
Cynical With Cause
I douter Sudsy

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