Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ontario Conservative Party Can't Smell Their Own Sink

After losing an election to the most dreaded liberal leader in the history of Ontario Hudak is still the Ontario PC party leader.. (PC most assuridly standing for politcally correct).

Was the election fixed?
Did McGuinty's bold faced last minute bribe to his new immigrants with tax payer's money work?
Are Ontarians by and large a) brainwashed from public education and Ontario's union culture, or b) retarded?

No doubt, all of the above and more, to various degrees are true.

Regardless, the election is over and Hudak is still the leader?
Regardless, there has been no resignation, or firing of  party handlers who couldn't have read the public more wrong?

More elegible voters stayed home than went to the polls for one simple reason.

Why bother if the misnomered conservative party, and Hudak couldn't be bothered indicating they were happy with the liberal party's politics?

Why bother if all three parties melded into one and yet there were so many directions to offer away from the ruling liberals.

Real conservatives stayed home because they're stay with the misery they have because why give the weak contender a fraudlent mandate and lose all hope of any future change.

Bottom line, voters can only vote with their eyes and ears and they heard and saw absolutedly nothing from the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party that wasn't in the Regressive Liberal Party of Ontario.

In the future real conservatives should vote for independents if nothing else is available and at least have more representive power for their riding than liberal  backbencher McGuinty rubber stamps.

Look how much independants are wooed in the case of narrow minoritys or combined majorities.

Real conservatives will wait for a non-pretender, non- Brute, non- Judas who claims to represent them.  

Paul Gordon

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