Friday, November 4, 2011

Western Men Will Have To Be The New Feminists

I guess Western men will have to be the new feminists. Social women's groups haven't had a new idea in decades and remain self chained to the modern past.

Is there anything more disingenuous than what the western woman’s movement evolved into? Of course, when you start out steeped in eugenics, bigotry, socialism, and hate and your leader is Margaret Sanger where would you go, but down hill.

The minority political few activists who apparently own all women’s morals, political persuasion, vacuum of religion and all female opinion are selective about which women are sexually harassed and abused in the Western World never mind how Islamists treat their wives and daughters.

The modern feminists only know that they have locked themselves into old ideologies so much that they couldn’t even embarrassingly peak over the fence at other mere thoughts and discussions of the day never mind move closer to the fence. How fresh air delightful liberating.

They have too much baggage and owe too much to the culture of death and perversion to show any other face now, or any time in the near future.

The ironic part is that ostensibly struggling for freedom (of anything) these years they have trapped themselves into self imprisonment for among other things trying to separate themselves from a world that contains males who they have always been intricately intertwined with and who it takes two to have the existence of love, rather than total capitulation into evil out of hate.

Do feminists want to help Muslim women who are so terribly abused and brain washed over a ‘religion’ with an equal enigmatical origin only from an evil tribal man.. certainly, no deity? A ‘religion’ with many orders of evil hardly in need of strained interpretation?

Apparently not.

Maybe it’s that old Margaret Sanger self-centered secular/socialist self-righteousness, that keeps Western women above over three quarters if not more of their sisters under the boot of real evil men. The ‘sorry we only really want to help ourselves’ narcissism the demographically shrinking (dying, more apt) Western world has come to love. The Western world, that has to rely solely on political correctness or excessive non-truths, to keep their world simmering just below a boil in reality for now and to aid their clouded consciences.

Too bad, because probably, no one can appeal to a woman in desperate need. like another woman….the only part feminists got right and capitalized to the fullest. Forget your insecurities and you will not need the modern crutch of old ideologies carried over.

Paul Gordon



  1. Western feminists are largely white, affluent and live in regions of the world where they can say and do what they like. What they want now is not rights but privileges. They would never stick their necks out for the "others". It is up to us to embarrass these loathsome pasty creatures not into action but into obscurity where they belong. Put some people who are truly oppressed into the spotlight for a change.

  2. Feminism in the West was never about women at all. It's always been about selling the socialist agenda.

  3. GK Chesterton wrote: “By experts in poverty I do not mean sociologists, but poor men.”

    That quote could be re-written to apply to feminists versus women who truly are oppressed!


  4. Feminists like all leftist progressives have finally shown their true colors for all to see even those who didn't, couldn't or were to lazy to look. Every vestige of liberalism in all it's failed extremes are now not just in full view but are being forced down our throats on a daily basis. Even the terminally blind to evil can't avoid recognizing the failure, meanness and hardship liberalism is causing and has caused.