Saturday, October 15, 2011

Obama, Harper, McGuinty Kids Will Turn On Them One Day

You know how famous peoples spoiled brats like to do the opposite of what their parents did to garner their own fame. Sometimes, spouses and parents, for that matter.

You know the Reagans, the Bush parents, the Cheneys, the Nixons, to name, but a few.

So one day, the Harper, McGuinty, Obama, Chretien (oh that's right he didn't have any real kids, thank you God) kids et al are going to be educated for what it's worth in the Western World and have at least an outside chance to think for themselves.

One day, they're going to have a startling revelation in a moment of God's fleeting grace for redemption and realize mom and pop weren't the greatest people in the universe after all. They're going to have an icky feeling like they just found out dad was a pedophile to another sibling.

Yes, mom and dad were so enamored with fame they abandoned any principle they may (or not) have had
on the ladder to sleazy political fame and to remain on the plateau they attained.

Yes, they are going to see how their parents, the Obama's especially with their partial birth abortion support, were sleaze balls of the worst kind. The 'worst kind', because they actually held power to do something, (hell anything) about the baby killing industry and the family destroying, and youthful soul taking by homosexual activity- activists.

But Harper, and McGuinty, the pope hating Catholic...they're up there. They are not only up there they embraced evil to aid in their careers of being political zombies voted by  many, but actually respected by few.

Paul Gordon 

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