Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Plethora of Tea Party Type Presidential Candidates for SoCons

What a difference a border makes, eh? Talk about the envy of Canadian social conservatives the GOP (unfortunately still top heavy with Dole Republicans) has a number of social conservatives or social conservative- friendly presidential candidates already in the game.

Santorum is my favorite, but Cain whose only criticism is that he didn't sign a social conservative pledge, 'because his actions are his pledge' would be the inside favorite to easily handle Obama and be the real role model for American blacks, over party hardy pro abort (including late term brain crushing 'procedures') pro- homo 12 year old thinking Obama, to boot.

Forget Bill Cosby, Charles Barkley, 'kill cop' rappers, pretend Muslim religion proselytizers, Cain is the real deal, real world example for blacks, certainly to this point, and from the strong unabashed language he has been using on the Wall Street crack heads and commies, he has been serious about his positions.

Republican party head-jobs has better do the right thing and not come up with another Dole in the form of Romney or social conservatives will do what they did to Dole and the GOP again.

Go Herman!

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