Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dalton McGuinty Knows How To Grab Everything You Love and Own

McGuinty took out tax credit 'loopholes' where some low middle income people might have picked up a hundred bucks of their own money back! He also put a big chunk of 

McGuinty took all children in Ontario and under his putting 'class' in to classes incentives threw them all to the polictically correct koolaid activists and militant unions just for flash teacher mob supports on his campaign trail!

McGuinty took the biggest tax grab in Ontario history without calling any of his under the mainstream media muggings an actual 'tax' through increased user fees and multi increased fines and policing for minor traffic violations while decreasing actual serious police work!

McGuinty now grabs votes and takes away Ontarians jobs by promising huge incentives to employers who hire new immigrants!

Who votes for this complete asshole who can read, write, or count. Oh yeah rich liberal school boards took care of that long ago!

Paul Gordon

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