Monday, October 13, 2008

Harper, Second Biggest Idiot in Canada

Harper, Second Biggest Idiot In Canada

Actually, if Harper loses this election he would take the biggest idiot award in Canada for losing to Dion the present King of Fools, who got lost completely in the translation a long time ago when he was handpicked by Chretien .....not to be a threat to his tremendous hat sized ego.

And we thought Martin was desperate.

Some feat, Harper! And you came close to losing that! What great times to be a Canadian!

If we had a Catholic or Christian with guts and brains and no political connections Harper wouldn’t come close to winning either. He would have to win pro-life votes instead of having Catholic and Christian typically socialist Canadians throw them at him like rose pedals to be claimed by Harper as a mandate for his tax and keep policies.

One doesn’t vote for pro-abortion ’parties’ like the NDP, like the Conservatives, like the liberals, like the Greens or the Bloc du Tetes, if one is Christian or Catholic, Jim Hughes, CLC and Lifesites personal contributing card carrying pro abortion party candidate friends aside.

It is a sin to vote ‘at all’ for any abortion party especially as deep and as long as they run in Canada. It’s like our choice is between the Communists the Nazis and the Taliban though I doubt any of these groups has killed as many babies as Canada and the USA has.

"Well, we’re all told we ‘have’ to vote by our Bishops, Priests and other socialist arm-chair philosophers so lets see Commies...Nazis...Commies....Nazis.....hmmmmm okay Nazis..they weren’t around as much"

With that kind of a plan it doesn't take much to be a Prophet prior to every federal election and predict another four years of feminist groups and baby murderers celebrating and profiting from rampant baby killings. There's nothing to smile or hope about with the status quo.

If there is one thing the enemy has come to count on, it's pro-life consistency of being 'helpful'.

I can see where those to be saved will only number in the thousands if humanist Canada is any measure of the world.

Why brainwash Christians into thinking they can change evil parties from ‘within’ when it hasn’t worked in all of human history, is beyond me. Try the truth and don’t vote for evil anymore.

Quit the politics, quit all the phoney nice/ nice B.S feelings. Babies....Innocence!... dosen’t know or care about how evil nuance won over the sheeple of officially narcistic, Canada.

Babies and Innocence care about love, the only sanity left in this world and this totally morally bankrupt God for Saken Country with all its 'winners'.

Paul Gordon

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