Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stephen Harper Slaps Down Pro-Life Orgs.

Stephen Harper Slaps Down Pro-Life Orgs.

At this time during the last federal election Stephen Harper was presented by pro-life organizations as the white knight of federal politics for all Canadian Christians.

As his number one priority, Harper was going to put an end to homosexual marriage legislation.

Then, he was going to wink, wink try and do something to put Canada on the road to moral normalcy, after years and years of open season on baby murdering right up to full term pregnancies.

Why any Church kept on believing such a whopper of a fairy tale, after the first new and improved younger conservative party, that morphed back into, and stank like, good old immoral liberalism, held its first national convention... is beyond me.

The longest make work project for liberal graduate professional bums and consultants in Canada,the CBC, covered this historic moment of a party that double crossed its double crossers in a dazzling display of ego, and political opportunism hereto unmatched... live and coast to coast as
it literally hissed, booed and drop-kicked Elsie Wayne... a pro-life federal version of Mayor Hazel of Mississauga.... back to the Atlantic coast, and just a little beyond.

But, it must have been seen as simply a good public wink, wink, ‘balk’ to the ‘extreme’ meant for the neighbours because believe in Harper.... they still did, and this second rumour about
Harper being anti/abortion/choice-murder swirled all through Christian Churches and was never denied by Harper.. right up until Sunday evening, one day before the election.

It was then, that Harper crumpled up Catholic, and Christian Churches like a ticket stub and thruthem under the bus of his neat little, ‘Get Me’ elected campaign with as little brown stuff sticking to him.... as possible.

I so hope Harper’s boys read this some day so they know how ‘great’ their father really was, just like Turdeau’s boys should know the truth about their baby killing accommodating Papa, along with the Clarks, the Campbells, the Turners, the Mulroneys, the Chretiens, the Martins and any number of Premiers including the Harris’s, Eves, and McGuinty a man, really no different from Harper in so many ways. Where’s the difference in immorality with any of them?

These weren’t just men and women who ran on platforms. They all had real power to do
something and opted for the chance of re-election every time over common morality, justice and decency.

Under Harper, the mental and societal illness of homosexual marriages was entrenched in law and death camp survivor with self-admitted honking serious fantasies and issues, Dr. Hank Mourg-in-talker the Premiere of Baby Killers received his Snow Flake Canadian Hero to-be-looked-up-to award. Kinda makes you wanna........gag, doesn't it? What other politically correct dirt bags won this great award?

How can anyone write respectfully of anyone like these, who would sell their souls for something Canadian soldiers of the Great and Communist Wars fought...... against...the killing of babies, the killing of special needs children, attacking Judeo- Christianity with any and everything at nationalist levels from media to academia... fruit to nuts... over political correctness and mad egotistical opportunists, of the day?

There will be a day when these evil times are going to be called, seen, and judged... for just what they are, and who called the shots and who turned them into mere self-opportunities.

The days of voting for the candidate for an evil party should finally be over. Harper couldn’t have(slipped) and made that any clearer. No way will his party establishment even allow for any pro-life chatter never mind ‘think about’ (like his promised homosexual-marriage) legislation.

Harper got his foot in the door and won over the mushy liberal mainstream of Canada. All his political capital will now come from this group and nothing will change what new immoral liberalism Harper will stand for in the future.

Every vote Harper’s party gets is a vote of confidence for everything Harper is doing and will continue to do. There is no distinction or conditional tag that comes with any vote. Nothing in a ballot says the person who cast it 'held his nose'. They are all votes celebrated and gloated on as a family of support of status quo or in Canada’s proven case only a change from the default to more, the worse.

This is the modern political animal of Canada!

Back benchers have no say and no hidden caucuses are going to usurp the PMO and its ‘sales consultants’ of what people are buying.... ever. When was the last time there was even a legislative... so-called... ‘free vote’?

Forget the home-boy shiny two term and yer retired, candidate with the ‘winning party’. It’s the Party that is the only agent of change. Don’t vote for any party you have to hold your nose for.

Don’t vote at all if you have to hold your nose, because there is no pro-life, pro-family, or Judeo-Christian 'PARTY' candidate in your riding.

Where’s the ‘Truth’ in voting for mainstream modern immoral parties who all come out the same in the wash no matter which one is in power?

Let the pollsters, consultants and politicians come to you for what you stand for.
If Harper is going to win..Give your soul a break and let him win without your vote.
If nothing else, a lower than usual turn-out will get them wondering how to get you back out.

Paul Gordon