Saturday, October 11, 2008

Canada, Don't Vote....... For the Abortion Party

Hey Canada ! !

Here is a newborn baby in the top image

In the second image is a late term baby not much younger than the baby above, aborted
under Harper’s and McGuinty’s leadership and political parties in power..

Babies in Canada can be, and are murdered right up to the point of
delivery from the womb. ‘Women’s Groups’ in Canada fight for this right and celebrate this
procedure and result. They ‘celebrate it’ and give the murderers awards.

The funny thing about the leftist establishment grey ‘areas’ is in fact just another lie. There is no
grey areas in laws championed by the left and foisted on all.

If it is not illegal in Canada, it is in fact.... legal. Where’s the grey now, liberals?
The absence of any abortion law makes anything about abortion legal.

Are music lesson tax rebates and rural high speed internet services worth Harpers trade off?

Like Obama abortion is above Harpers pay rate also. Harper wants no babies lives getting in the way of his election chances and he states that no one in his party will be able to raise the baby killing isssue.

If there are no pro-life ‘PARTIES’ or pro-life Independents in your Riding......Don’t vote and be
a party in any way to the second picture, unlike politicians and the activist judges they appoint and reward for being good political party partisan hacks (liberal, no matter which mainstream party or 'odd' boy club you pick)

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