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The Most Needed Homily Never Heard 2008

The Most Needed Homily Never Heard 08

The Roman Catholic Church founded under Jesus Christ entrusted to Peter and handed down
generation after generation thru the Chair of Peter to our present Holy Father has survived many outward attacks against the faith.

The one attack She has found hardest to grapple with, is the one from with inside where fierce
attacks are met with weakness and cowardice and only sporadic bravery from the one Universal
or ‘in sync’ Church. An attack infiltrated from the world wherein judgement of sin is fashionably
‘judgmental’ and unimportant.

We have been Blessed with two great leaders that our young adults have only known and been
guided by, yet what is a leader if not followed? What is ‘obedience’ if cut off, from the Holy
Father on down?

How is politics to be left out, if politics, egos and cowardice is brought in thru ‘National’
Bishop’s Conferences? How is the world wide connection to the faith created by the longest
circling ‘Bang’ in the world.... the clap of thunder and splitting of the tabernacle that was so
successful because it originated from the only Truth in universal existence that knocked on the
world’s door of Pilate.... to continue on.... without any support now?

It’s not pretty and there isn’t much to celebrate because in Christianity you can’t have celebration not won by sacrifice. Sacrifice, is not the modern perceived notion of suffering of: lower wages than the next bargaining unit, of not getting credit granted for the family loan on the newest technology gizmo or pleasure vehicle, coming home broke from the worldly Casino nearest you.

Suffering is not historical injustices ten generations removed. It’s not having to do without drugs, alcohol and a Friday off this week and it’s not ‘having’ to stay home and love and care for your
loved ones over a yearned social work network, meaningless self- centred championed
blubbering and wallowing, or extra recreational and home decorating bucks.

Families have been attacked and destroyed. Our children’s innocence has been assaulted and
crushed. We don’t have to worry about going to the Hell that Christ assures us exists, because
Hell doesn’t get much worse, than what is most prevalent today! Only now, we have a choice to
isolate ourselves from God in depression and isolation.

The Hell that is most prevalent today is public perversion in may forms perpetrated on us, and
our children, and worse, sometimes comfortably welcomed by us. Perversion, such as following
modern day heros and taking their word and ‘lifestyles’ as the truth we want to aspire to and live by.

Pagan based perversions such as worshipping nature created by God, yet as a Deity onto itself?
Pagan pantheist and narcissism perversions where we are God and we are the centre of the
universe as far as anyone else should be concerned.

They are claimed to be ‘new age’ faiths, popular in mass media outlets, but in fact nothing but
inner closing of the souls as old as history and in violation to God.

Pagan based perversions, such as capitalism and socialism obsessing and worshipping... both
polar opposites and neither ever embraced by Christ, because both are concepts of the world.
Both have a need for greed and control over others, and one, as far as thought control.

Christ was never about greed, or fair share, or even fair treatment and least demanding of thought control of others.

He was/Is about serving, about sacrifice, about real choice of free will and through love and
courage. He Is the essence of pro-life, the essence of pro-family, and the only family created by
God, not couples or groups granted or created by perversions of man....the world.

The Hell of seclusion and depression we put ourselves in, through our choices soaked in our sin,
our desires, and knowingly against are very souls and the souls of our children.

Catholicism, the faith of Jesus Christ is not a social club where the same old, dwindling faces
meet once a week and hide their light under the bushel of four walls and a ceiling in secret and
worship in secret, because frankly what interest does the youth of the world have in the dead
burying the dead.

The most to dare is to have processions in the confines of walls or back parking lots, processions
of the feasts of Christ and Mary in the darkness of cowardice. Where is the evangelization? Not
just on the part of the flock, but more so of the Shepherds?

The Holy Father is out there, but the Bishops the Priests...where are they? What do they proclaim in public? Does everyone know the only Christ of the only Gospels, of the multitude of Saints of the last 2ooo years many who gave their lives for this faith.... for Christ?

There is nothing left to be said to those who have been raised and surrounded by evil cultures and societies..... no world..... to be contested? Then where are the young mothers in Church?

Even less, where are the young fathers? Where are the thousands of children and for that matter those who entrusted to teach them in urban Parish after Parish and hundreds in rural after rural Parish.

Bishops venture out less than they ever did and when they are needed most. Priests are not
welcome in classrooms or schools, by parents, teachers or administrations and they dare not
mention anything of the Catechism that conflicts with worldly precepts of culture, unionism as a
true disciple of Marx and greatest enemy of the modern Church.

Ask any union, Catholic or not, in the entire world where it stands on homosexual marriages,
sexual freedom, abortion, birth control, what it considers sin, how it feels about women who stay
at home, to love and nurture families?

About how union dues should be spent to forward political movements totally out of sync. with
life, the family or the Church? Ask them if they would like to control every workplace and
educational institution in the world, if not the Church itself.

If the world is bent on being obsessed with heros then maybe some Bishops and Priests need to
stand up to the world and what better way to fail trying, even to die in some Countries.

Is it better to fail Christ, the babies, youth, and multitude of loving families of the world in not
even lifting one’s head. and hiding out, under the thumb of the world in a bushel basket singing
to the same lukewarm choir... a little top heavy with hypocrites who ushered in a socialism that
only they will ever benefit from, at the expense of their children’s children, because that’s what
Marxism is, something free, for supposedly nothing in exchange but minds and souls.

Like greedy investors turning to family homes to exploit when markets have low returns and to
drive up prices and mortgages to heights not even realistic to the innate worldly dollar itself,
what better is Christian hating socialism? Where are the union jobs now? Where is socialized
medicine now? Where are the doctors with their oath to the sick and the living now? Where are
the national pensions going to be in five years, when it takes four to five active workers to
support one national socialised pension?

Where are the Christian and Catholic children to replenish and support any of this, or our
precious nation without any national values that can be written or orated, and the Catholic
Church of this Country we supposedly love so much, itself?

The Catholic Church isn’t pomp and circumstance, or entertainment. It isn’t chicken soup for the
soul, a television talk show, or history lesson on the cross and parables of an evil time that was
only 2000 years ago. It is not celebration without fundamental underlying sacrifice.

The world is as evil today as evil gets, and the faith has never been so side-stepped and made to
be so irrelevant, and marginalised, even by its own, than today.

Christianity is not just a faith to be unpacked at time of death or near death. It is a lifestyle that
loves and cherishes, that lifts guilt and frees one as much as one desires, that gives meaning and
purpose, and can turn around the most destitute, helpless and hopeless. It is to finally relax and to love, to relax.

It’s a lifestyle that gives a true feeling of serving others... that emboldens Christ’s followers to
seek the Truth and the courage to defend It, with every bit of strength one has, when the world
and all its evil lines up against you as it did, St. Peter, St. Paul and Jesus Christ, this too, is your
greatest solace.

If you, as regular parishioners do not know by now that you must be, or have come to be, through your own spiritual evolution or revelation of the real Truth of Christ, to be unequivocally pro- life, pro-family... pro-Christ! something is truly wrong here, and you must be oblivious to the very Creeds you recite by your own agreeable choice and admission every week.

You know the official Catechism and tenants of our Universal Church and that we as Priests will
not, and cannot give even tacit approval against the rules of the Church which are set up in more
than just good faith and spirit to protect the faith from evil, temptation into sin and in weakness
to the world.

The Catechism of the Church is based on the Truth of Christ and the way to heaven as Jean
Vianney would say. It transcends the worldly notion of rules, laws regulation and philosophy.

The Catechism is the guide book on earth that cuts to the chaste of the soul and it was never
voted on, created, or amended lightly.

If you understand, but can not accept any of this, move over or move out and make room for new followers I must seek who inturn seek the Truth with a mind to it and not themselves.

A Truth, I can not entirely proclaim, but one I can assuredly open eyes and minds to.

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