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Socon Take on Current National Elections

The Straight Socon Comment on U.S. and Can. Impending Elections
Part 1, The Presidential Election

If there is one thing McCain has learned from social conservatives in the U.S., it’s that he can’t
afford to write off real Christians, at least not like Harper can in Canada where socialism and
Marxism rules academia and consequently over time, the media and the judiciary.

Dole thought he could, and look what happened to him and the Republican party when he did.
McCain is living proof that the Truth is the only thing that ‘works’ in politics when Christians
keep their powder dry and vote for no one when there is no seriously pro-life party in sight.

You don’t vote for evil to aide good, or because there is simply no one else.... period. Not, unless
you want to shower evil with acceptance who doesn’t even want to read minds.

Evil only wants, and only has to ‘count’ votes. 'Counted' votes tell politicians only one thing. They’re doing something right and not to make any drastic changes, especially ‘controversial’ ones that involve morality.

Would you vote for Nazis or Communists or a tyrant if they were the only ones running for
election?? You don’t ‘have’ to vote and sometimes you should not vote at all, as in the case with

Again, that election was not lost on Bush or McCain. Dole thought he could open up the
‘Big Tent’ Republican Party to abortion and homosexual activists. He scolded the Christians in
the Party.

The Clinton era was born on a negative political movement because, rightfully, if there is one
thing worse than a wolf, it is a distrustful wolf in sheep’s clothing who destroys from within the
flock and speaking for the flock.

Most Christians voted for no one and waited for the Republican Party to come back to them, and
earn their mark as their word.

Prior to, and at the beginning of the current election campaign McCain tried to go the Dole route
and appear to be in the middle, sucking and blowing at the same time as in flip flopping and
choosing his words by the group he was addressing.

At different times he has both, been staunchly supportive of abortion and staunchly supportive of the family.

Now, finally, McCain does seem to becoming around to actually choosing the family over
abortion rights activists. He is making bold public statements that will make it hard for him to
ever be accepted by the liberals again.

Does all this make McCain a great and trustworthy politician? Of course it does not.

If he gets elected, American Christians will know in his first term if they were taken in and it will
get very ugly for McCain in short order if they are Unlike Dole, McCain is at least saying the
right things.

Unfortunately, he isn’t actually promising a lot. One thing American social conservatives want
and demand is the continuation of appointing good Judges, obviously imperatively so at the
Supreme Court level.

McCain has indicated he will do this much and there will be at least one more Supreme Court Judge appointed during his first term, which will swing the balance of Judicial power, the real domestic power, outside of tax collection, from the leftist appointed ‘impartial’ (yeah right) Judges, including one from Belly- Flop Reagan, fair weather friend to Christians, himself solidly back to reality.

Notably, the most McCain has done for Christian Socons is to expose Reaganites, Limbaugh
Coulter et al for the phonies they are. McCain so incensed the Reaganites because he wasn’t one
and could win the Republican Party over without the Reaganites that their first serious response
was to say they were going to vote for Hilary Clinton.

In fact, in speaking haughtily of pro-life people in one of his many ego snits, Rush Limbaugh
stated on his show, “ You (pro-lifers) were never going to win any advances anyway !)
The radio personality, Reaganites who always follow Rush’s lead were at various times
supportive of Guilanni and Joe Lieberman both Reaganites and strong abortion supporters.

Certainly, their Red Neck blog groupies, if not these same personalities frequently ‘joke’ about
shooting Mexican illegals and make Mexican illegals the most far discussed topic by far on their
radio shows.

Regan would be proud.. I’m sure. (How the richest Country in the world could ignore a third world poverty stricken Country bordering them for so long is hard to believe. No wonder
so many Countries south of the U.S. went communist or fell to tyrants).

Although they barely hide the fact, these Reaganites believe they are as good a person as William F. Buckley Jr. They don't even come close. Buckley was a true humble Christian, and
independent thinker, a great academic and the greatest effective defender from Marxism the
United States had, during a time when Canada was completed conquered by Marxism.

His pretenders are celebrity hounds who make off the cuff statements regularly and then try to defend the stupid things they know they just said.

Back to McCain. In picking Palin, McCain has decided, and rightfully so, that this is the only
way he can win. Would he have ever ever considered Palin if he was ahead in the political polls?
Of course he wouldn’t! Palin would be considered an extremist nobody.

McCain was headed to lose so badly and with nothing to lose any farther, he went for the ‘Hail
Mary pass’ (literally) and now has a great chance of winning and is leading in the polls as of

Palin, herself is now the source of a few serious yellow flags as McCain is successfully keeping
her contained. She is backing down from statements she made that actually made her attractive to Socons. She was stopped from attending the most prominent pro-life speaking engagement in the U.S. not far from the Republican convention centre.

She and her husband are considered strongly pro-union ( I haven’t seen the union yet including so called ‘Catholic’ unions who were not officially fervent Marxists who detest everything
Christian.. Prove Me Wrong Please).

Her daughter was obviously hanging out at the hockey arena looking for bad boy celebrities as most Canadian secular culture raised daughters do figuratively if not literally while mom is off furthering her career as a Mayor in the frozen tundra.

It appears Palin did abuse her power seriously in having a brother-in-law’s boss fired for not firing the brother-in-law. There's a woman boss of deep character.

In a North American ‘lifestyle’ not so morally ‘black-holed’, Palin should never be lauded for
having ‘chosen’ to give birth to her Down’s Syndrom baby, as in aborting such beautiful babies
is the default or norm position to be a ‘hero’ from.

Giving birth to babies is the norm and right thing to do rather than choosing not to abort them.

Anyone, who is encouraged only by a new found celebrity, to not abort their own baby was pretty shallow before, and will be shallow again, not long after the celebrity is gone.

It comes down to what women are taught as girls from family, faith, culture, academia,
‘entertainment’, and inner strength to learn, and think, logically Truth, for herself .

Finally, of course, the only person who can and will decide how anything in his Presidency will
go is and will be John McCain, himself. Can anyone remember any acting Vice President who
stood out for anything aside from Gore’s meaningless blathering idiocy.

McCain, a true politician if there ever was one didn’t wait this long and spend all that money to
take a back-seat to anyone, or even to let the optics appear to make him take a back seat to a Vice President. This is a very important fact and where McCain’s true character will manifest itself.

Will he go as far, as go against Palin to keep her down and his ego and re-election chances
elevated to the dominant secular culture? Will Palin continue to bow to the company line under
the guise of McCain’s prudent stewardship as she now is?

Will Christians be taken in again by leaders a la, “Oh don’t worry he/she is only ‘acting’
politically correct now. Wait till they are elected, then you’ll see sparks fly for the pro life and
pro family movement!). Canadian pro-life groups fell for that one under hook line and sinker and
were burned.

If it wasn’t for his Judge appointments and fight against stem-cell research, President Bush
became a bust for Socons. He would only talk to the National Pro Life Rallies by telephone when
they were standing outside his door like Christ before Pilot. 'What is Truth?'.... Well hey, good luck, U-all with that thing you do. Bush is leaving his last term without spending one cent of his political capital he gained in his second election.

Even Harper, our Opportunist-Extraordinare, didn’t attend the Chi-Com Olympics let alone
make a fool of himself while there. Of course, the reigning (heir to be Turdeau jr. from his
Roman eulogy applause podium) King of Fools as usual was Chretien, with his, ‘Shame on you,
Harper for not bending over and kissing communist big butt, mummah, like slithering Moi,
Baloney, Turdeau et al.’

Of course, Bush locked himself in the travel trailer and retired at least two years ago, and kept it
as the world’s worst secret between him and Laura

In case, you haven’t noticed I have no respect for politicians, because none have even come
remotely close to deserving it and that includes Churchill who gave away Poland and used his
Allied forces as expendable guinea pigs to the slaughter. I don’t ask for much except for some
effort in trying to do the 'normal' right thing.

Palin, and whether she even cares, remains to be seen, could soon see if she was just used like so
many wives of politicians (like that never happens and is gotten ‘away with’ in politics)

Bottom line, if I was an American I would have to take this dual on all their glowing pro-life and
pro-family talk, and vote for them, if for no other reason than to win extremely big-time at the
Supreme Court level, (again the real power holder on the domestic ‘culture’ war)

Than every step of the way I would let McCain and the, ‘Whatever- It- Takes- To- Get- Elected- Republican Party, know that they can forget the Christian vote very much forever if they screw us once more. Three Strikes.... Yer Gone!

Not to assume to speak for him, but I believe even Dr. Dobson the only Christian leader/ political cross-over person would say ‘dittos’ to this.

(Next, a worse outlook for pitiful Canada)

Paul Gordon

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