Wednesday, July 9, 2008

CBC Farm Club For Liberal GGs

Hurrah Hurrah, Step Left Up, Get a Free GG Appointment

Is there any reason Pillsbury Boy Prime Minister Harper is keeping Mean Jean Fightin Machine on as ‘our’ gracious Governor General.

She, and her CBC (liberal favours returned) predecessor are/were neither gracious, neutral or terrible intelligent for that matter. The latter even accepted a invitation to an (at the time) illegal homosexual wedding in that big disgrace, Miller’s Toronto.

C’mon Steven, everyone in Canada above the age of 26 knows these two female liberal butt kissers with bigger balls (apparently) than most liberal men were appointed by Chretien and Martin (two girls of stellar honour themselves) preciously because of all their pro liberal coverage given the liberal parties over the years.

Not that the CBC particularly likes anyone, but themselves and their own odourless poop but (with good reason) their own survivability has always been threatened by ‘real’ conservatives and real conservative parties.

The Communist Broadcasting Company holds its nose hard and plays well to the homo liberal choirs just as sure as the Maple Leafs fall (and who cares) every spring.
Drop her, now, Steven. Don’t think you’re not in her political sights.. next.

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