Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Morgentaler and Buzz Hargrove

Morgentaler and Buzz Awarded O O Canada…Sweet!

Normally, that study in possession , and baby killer, Henry Morgue ntaler is a category all to himself, but seeing as Buzz always was a strong supporter of abortion and all causes to the left, especially with union money….what the heck, he can share the title….and a back slapping proud pair, they‘d be.

Seriously, it is fitting and good that Dr. Happy gets his stamp O’ Canada because it shows… (and apparently no one knew till now?) what a sick country we asked for and paid for, especially Catholics and Christians lead by Christian and Catholic leaders who don’t believe in getting involved in law, or society which only governs legal behaviour, religious rights, family, and the life and deaths of babies and the helpless among other facets of Monday to Saturday life.

Hey, Caesar was mostly interested in power and money not souls and hearts. He was honourable compared to anything wearing political ribbons and ranting slogans today.

Everyone in Canada.. salute the flag and take a bow. You should be proud of this Godless Country as you separate reality from your patriotic whimsical fantasy, the same insane way you cut off your sense and soul when voting in a controlling liberal, by any name, establishment election after election because they offer you something else, you just can’t resist.

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