Saturday, July 5, 2008

Canada Awards Mental Illness in Morgentaler

Order of Canada Awards Mental Illness in Morgentaler

Morgentaler is apparently in a state of health that he will soon meet his “Just” Reward. And please, spare me the Novena email chain prayers for this creep’s soul. St. Therese prayed for a common criminal, not a possessed politically successful and evil merchant of death.

We don’t pray for personal victory against Satan because we can never defeat Satan we pray for Christ to defeat Satan…for St. Michael to cast his soul into Hell. Of course we sure don’t accommodate Satan in our own back yard, all the same.

The World’s award proxy(ed) through it’s own big butt kisser, Canada, put a warm smirk on the fuzz face with no chin, that he’ll assuredly take to Hell with him, with as much chance of converting as Turdeau.

He is not a man who made a ‘mistake’ or ’crime of passion’ as they say though no doubt he embraced his mental illness with an extremely profitable no money back, no charity here… zeal.

I mean c’mon, he went from the death camp kid who apparently came to like what he saw, to purveyor of the death of babies en masse.

Anyone who worships this guy, primarily men hating old lesbian feminists who were never pregnant in their miserable lives, are of course also very mentally ill.

Did Christ pray to the Father for the souls of the possessed persons He encountered. No…He drove the evil spirits out of them so they could start afresh. The possessed obviously welcomed the evil spirits and had no desire to rid themselves of such.

We’ve had a few people of Saintly material in modern history, but of course no one since the time of Christ, who could supernaturally drive evil out of people. If we did, there would have been no Marxists, Nazis or abortionists to name a few.

And personally, I don’t believe (by observance of fact) that any prayers are answered where one puts forth no effort themselves, including prayers for the most deserved, the innocents ….especially when one turns around and votes for pro-abortion political ‘parties’ that bring the whole establishment with them, that oversees/approves/validates injustice, academia private club, culture and the media.

So let me see. Thousands of lives and souls of innocent babies or the soul of a wretch of a man who (apparently) personally saw to it that thousands of babies will still be killed after he is long gone.

Did the Shepherd go after the ‘lost sheep’ who killed lambs in the night?

It’s not up to me to put Henry where he belongs, but going by everything we are told and promised, Henry is headed to the same place, regardless.

And so Canada awards mental illness at best in secular terms. I say as evil as evil gets.
Oh I forgot the world and Canada doesn’t allow for judgement anymore, only to turn the other way.

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