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Socon Comment on Elections Part 2 Canada

The Straight Socon Comment on U.S. and Can. Impending Elections
Part 2, The Canadian Federal Election

Of course, the reality of the real Canadian tragedy is not just four more years of humanist political correctness from the liberal left, which includes Harper’s so-called conservatives.

It’s four more legal years of tax paid Medal Du Canada, baby killers and baby killing run amuck with not a glimmer of a light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, Canada is pretty smug about the United States, but we are still miles behind them on the road to recovery from baby killing as a contraceptive.

(Side bar question, Does anyone know if Jean Vanier has given back his meaningless Order Of Canada politically correct snow flake yet, one step less than modern left- wing cause du jour, Nobel socialist and mass murderer prizes. The CBC streak of token GGs has already desecrated the roles of this Country's last noble statespersons)

Harper now has 40 percent of the vote, and a clear majority according to the most recent polls.

The liberals with their third or fourth choice, professor- idiot, Jean Chretien appointed, leader (aren’t party run-offs... great for the Country) are a distant second.

Harper’s PMO doesn’t give a hoot about pro-life or pro-family causes. They don’t even care what their own caucus or back-benchers causes are. Why should a born opportunist go against the socialist leftist establishment now with something so 'radical' as giving murdered babies even an inch.

Yet, Jim Hughes and his gang of self-appointed paid official defenders of life have no change in their strategy since day one, and of course, which has only gone downhill since.

Well, they did waver once when they went against Show the Truth people because Show the Truth signs weren’t banal and meaningless, and actually saved some babies, not to forget, the only tool that actually started changing societal attitude because they kinda Showed the Truth...Duh!

The ‘official’ pro-life group in Canada has been as political as the Canadian Catholic Church has been.. for decades now. Funny thing, but babies don’t appreciate all the nuances and strategies of politics any more than they are ever saved from them. Only the ‘Truth will set them free".

It was judicial nuances and strategies that created this Nation’s disgrace to begin with. Canada’s Dr. Death’s plea to joyful murdering of babies ( and make no mistake this sicko enjoys his passion) was guilty as charged, yet the jury found the elected legislative law of Canada guilty instead, the murderer innocent... by popular trend.

This was the day the revolution of the Marxist leftist establishment hit morality and decency over the head, and never looked back from. North American Marxist academia implants from Marxist Europe as far back as the thirties were now in a position to change everything from academia to the judicial system, to the free media(s) and independent thinking.. to breast feeding from humanist proletariat trendy political consultants, who looked down on citizens as peasants who need to be educated in right-think.

Voting for individual political opportunists who claim to be pro-life, but want to be elected to the ‘winning’ (pro abortion) party du jour, on the illusion they are going to convert Satan, is never going to cut a revolution so deeply imbedded in Canadian society back to the reality of common morality and decency.

(We lost it all when we lost academia! Universities, including ‘Catholic’ labelled academic institutions are training kids in the past, now and future that bad is good, and good is bad...Helloooo! Even in the Church, I sometimes wonder if the only gates prevailing against Hell, is the Papacy or Rock of Peter, itself, if not communist country underground Churches where Truth is the freshest breath of air of all sitting free above communism and below the stench of unbridled narcissism)

Of course, these opportunist, not terribly prolife concerned candidates trolling the paid pro-life organizations, and Catholic and Christian Churches for votes will incidently, cut themselves a decent salary and life-long heady pension after only two terms with the ‘winning' party.

Jim Hughes (where he essentially interviews himself through lifesite) reports that a few of the conservative pro-life candidates (though he can only name one) are not going to run again.

Of course! Their work of not doing anything, is done now and I'm sure they sit in the closet whenever the party has general meeting back-bench, raise your hand, if you're still- alive roll calls.

So here we have Harper with 40 percent of the vote (of an electorate whose number one issue is what party will cut their pockets and liberal causes the best) whereas, were the election held today, he would have a solid majority. Funny thing, but humanists never vote for the person only the liberal or socialist 'Party' and the more liberal and socialist, the better.

Yet, Hughes wants pro-life people to vote for the man!

Why the Hell would Harper’s great Prime Ministerial ego need to appeal to the pro-life or pro-family vote... for anything? As far as he’s concerned and as falsely perpetuated by the media for a political end as it is, Harper and most others believe his Party is the only choice for the pro-life and pro-family vote and has us in his back pocket close to his heart.

The conservatives may have moved farther away to a distant million years from doing anything pro-life or pro-family, but the Liberals and NDP have moved a trillion miles farther, but at least, with no illusions.

I remind you on the day before the last federal election... a Sunday, the smug Harper announced that he didn’t know why people thought he was anti-abortion and that it was only the media that perpetrated that myth.

This, Harper said after weeks of Christians and Catholics planning to vote for conservatives (who dropped kicked their own Elsie Wayne on a national stage back to the Atlantic) in the wistful belief that Harper’s silence was only a dupe into what he would really do once he was elected Prime Sinister.

What does Harper say of his critics, one at a time.. now?... "Hey, he's only got one vote."

If CLC and Lifesite understand, or don’t pretend to understand politics, they should understand all of this, election after election after election of the same, ‘whose fooling who’ garbage. Meanwhile, CLC keeps the only national and provincial pro-life parties completely off their radar and go as far, as to insult them.

CLC is actually advertising Liberal Tom Wappel as a guest speaker at their latest dinner schmooze...yet, again. Now there's a guy with a lot of say in Dionne's liberal party. Didn't he announce his retirement anyway?

The same Tom Wappel or any self-called prolife opportunist liberal, who could have single-handedly brought down the homo-marriages farce legislation one week before it was voted on, by simply crossing the floor...even as independent over an NDP drafted budget and deal between devils to keep Martin in power by his finger tips... a budget that was never going to see the light of day anyway.

Of course, if Whappel crossed the floor there was a good chance he would not have been re-elected to office in his liberal riding. I would like to know what are Whappel's liberal values anyway, that so attracted him to the liberal party. Liberalism doesn't stand for much.

Look, if these few self- called pro-life candidates of winning humanist parties are such a hot political commodity why don't they form their own political party, if not join existing pro-life parties?

Until, Palin came into the picture, Dr. Dobson the most popular and respected Christian media leader in North America was prepared to vote for no 'Party' for the exact reason that he could not do so in good conscience, and why give them a reason not to change. So what, one or two candidates in the 'Party' call themselves pro-life?

Populist 'Parties' allow limited candidates for 'all seasons', but none that will have any say farther than trendy political populism will take them.

On another matter, I was delighted to see on WorldNetDaily, and other news sites that Lifesite links their surfing news from (what I have said all along), materialize in the U.S. ... at least. Church clergy have openly challenged the IRS on their longstanding threat to end the Churches tax exempt status should Churches ever attempt to get political..... from the pulpit. Call it civil disobedience for the good guys for once, other than legendary Linda Gibbons.

The IRS backed down, and the White House statement was that, President Bush would never attempt to get between a Minister and his pulpit.

The Christian Church was a little fed up with how any entertainer, academic, media scribe or elected official could say virtually anything they wanted, including insults and blatant doctrinal falsehoods about Catholic and Christian religions from their humanist public pulpits, but Churches were supposed to keep their lips duct taped, play nice and say nothing of societal substance and reality.

In Canada, Revenue Canada has made a few idle threats against the Catholic Church, for ‘just in case’ scenarios, that the Church should completely ignore for the following reasons.

1) As weak as the Catholic Church has made itself in Canada, particularly in Quebec, and Newfoundland, especially in Catholic education, Canada Revenue is in no position to take on the Catholic Church and no person in position of power at Canada Revenue is going to risk being let go for doing just that, a la the federally appointed nuclear watchdog who got canned when she shut down the only nuclear station that produced a special product essential in cancer diagnostics and treatment...... over a health and safety issue.

2)No one is going to remove the tax exempt status of the Church, but should the teachings of Christ and the Spirit of Christ’s teachings ever be extorted into being withheld were that a possibility, anyway? Did Caesar shut up the Son of God, (or Peter or Paul) because He was worried about tax exempt status?

3) If a good Church ever did lose it’s tax exempt status, it would be showered in extra donations to offset its property or income taxes. And when a good government came back it would again regain its all-mighty tax exempt status.

No one said the Church should be a pulpit for 'all' things political, but c'mon guys, these are extradordinary evil times, I dare say worse than times of Christ's beloved cousin, St. John the Baptist with babies lives and children's souls 'long' on the line.

Fact: Politicians and activists judges have more say over societal morality, babies lives and families than you have been influencing. Political sarcastic lefist so-called 'comedians' have more influence over young adults than you have been influencing. It's been reported by the Catholic Register that the number one Catholic issue in Canada is the 'environment!!'

The Catholic Clergy in Canada should speak out for this election and tell people to withhold their vote for anyone except pro-life ‘PARTIES’ and their candidates. The popular, but baseless slogan that one ‘has’ to vote at all is ridiculous, especially, when a riding has no one running but pro abortion and pro homosexual activism ‘Parties’ aka evil... Hellooo!

If only mainstream anti- church parties are running, (and don’t ever ‘kid’ yourself here) should ‘Catholics’ have to vote for them, giving them no reason, mandate, and certainly no desire... to change??

Logic is a solid part of the ‘Truth’ of Christ, by it’s own nature not humanist or nationalist popular statutes or media invented slogans.

If nothing else, Harper et al, will see where votes do go and what they have to do to get the Catholic vote back, and win elections handily.

Till now, they have been laughing all the way to elected office, election after election without having to lift a finger for babies or families. And for one thing, they sure could do, it's appoint Supreme Court Judges who are not openly active lesbian activists.... something that would never happen in the same U.S.A. we are so smug about.

Am I wrong on all this? Well here is what 'prudence', 'convential wisdom', status quo and cowardice have brought us to date.

I don't have to list anything one can't see for oneself in looking within the Church and certain religious orders, in looking in the neighborhood, in the families, in the Catholic schools and universities, in the workplace, in the entertainers and sports celebrities, in the medias, on tv, on the net, the work place, the market place, courts of law and most importantly the mount of dead babies, an immorality that belies a collapsed society.

Paul Gordon

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