Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello! Social-Conservative Reality Check On Canadian Election

Socon Reality Check on Canadian Election Results

The same old forces of evil and not quite as evil are still in charge.
The same leftists went with the NDP this time instead of huddling under the liberal banner. That’s all folks!

My predictions have been true to the letter, unlike CLC, Lifesite et al who tell pro-life voters to vote for the man regardless of his enshrined pro-abortion party he picks to do his two or three terms, and retire with.

Oh yes, we (actually, dead babies, it’s not about our brainless selves and our joint economic considerations) can now wait a minimum of ten more years for any hint of pro-life, not to mention, pro-family positive news.

That would be five more years of Harper telling us that the abortion debate is not open for discussion in his, and the PMO marketer's conservative party, and five more years of smiley face, anal Jim Flarherty, Harper's finance minion, bristling at the mere idea of school choice tax deductions. Heaven's, Jimbo, it's not like you ever had a wit of support from teacher's unions before or ever will, freakin anyway.

Now, an additional five years can be added of the Catholic/Christian electorate having to punish the conservative party by not voting for any party, less pro life ones in the next election.

As a side note, to these same old/ same old dismal results for all pro-life, pro-family, Catholic, and pro-Christian Canadians who don’t even ‘get it yet’ or don’t really give a s_ _ _ , three so-called pro-life conservative elected ‘officials’ (official Harper well paid useful idiots) quit their posts just before election day.

They join the so-called pro-life liberal MPs who quit a while before, all, none too short of their generous tax payer-ed pensions as they…what?.. retire?.. from the cause and trust they garnered from unsuspecting Catholic and Christian voters, who too just wanted any reason to vote along their political ideologues of otherwise, no moral validity whatsoever.

On the Quintessential Canadian Perversely Humorous Front:

Jack Layton, or as Five of Fury sees him, E JackLayton, said with a Southern drawl, pretty much guaranteed his liberal vote by the totally brainless portion of the Canadian electorate, ala B.J. Clinton, by being ‘exposed’ (maybe by his own team) for having attended a “community clinic” rub n tug.

“Oh Olivia, Dear, I’m just popping down to the 'Community Clinic' for a refreshing hand job, I should be back for lunch”. Does this guy seriously think he is on anything else than a leftist, anybody, but Iggy vote.. roll.

Toronto Wuss Police, all, cultured over years of painful NDP education by union educators (same as all Canadians since the 50’s, actually the 30’s) were quick to angrily respond, demanding who spilled the beans that the Honorable John, for Toronto Central was shooed away from the arresting Vice squad.

Not unlike, the Honorable Svend Robinson, when he stole a ten thousand dollar ring for his boyfriend on Good Friday and after being silently warned by the RCMP that he was caught on video, returned it on Easter Monday with a ‘change of heart’ story, you know, the same judicial courtesy we would all get.

Not to worry about trendy Svendy though, he served nada time and was re-elected in his commie homo Winnipeg Riding….lived happily ever-after and thank goodness….a little quieter.

B the B, speaking of Svend Robinson, (who once knocked over a 70 something year old Priest, on Parliament steps), was that a homosexual massage parlor or a human rights approved all-inclusive Rub N Tug, Jack Layton, the new Official Opposition leader, was snagged at?

Hey, who should have mercy on assholes, or their narcissitic bitty little freakin feelings, when it comes to saving babies, eh?  'Chow',  for now.

Paul Gordon

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