Friday, April 29, 2011

Hey Prolifers! How's That Stephen Harper Vote Working For Babies So Far!

So, how many babies have been saved by political means (presumably... affecting by judicial means) by pro-life strategy's since abortion became law, by omission of political will, since the Trudeau, blackmailed by Mortgantaler, years. Oh yes, that would be a big bloody zero.

Now, with Harper facing an almost even split leftest vote, that at minimum, keeps him as the Prime Minister, how much do you think he is going to do for aborted babies regardless of how many blood votes his party gets for conservative useless 'pro-life' candidates?

Useless, as in pro-life liberal candidates of  past decades, more interested in keeping their day jobs first, as in popular, as in hefty compensation, as in great pensions, as in mundane business, luxuries and perks?

Harper needs a good swift kick from the pro-lifers he has been playing, even then, without much trying, for years in order to change the 'status quo' to at minimum de-fund abortion on the national socialist level of  health 'care'.

You know his routine by now ala,"Oh, you thought I was with this ugly girlfriend I took to the electoral dance, Hell no, I want any sleazy pro-baby killers to take home with, for a night"

FYI to the growing Harper kids......Great mom and dad you have there! They even outsmart pro-lifers into supporting killing babies by voting for the party, your dad heads. Must make a great family photo.

Here's a novel idea for the perpetual, out of reality, pro-life bridesmaids, while babies continue to be murdered for many more guaranteed years to come, considering the right strategy process of  the truth of not voting for pro-death parties isn't even being considered yet.

The strategy of... no strategy, but the truth of Christ of not approving any group, who garners support by first declaring, "No change to Canadian bloody baby killing practices under our watch!"  

If Harper had no Christian, or pro-life votes, he would be the minority party and he would be begging for those Christian and pro-life votes, for ensuing elections.

And, yes, it is going to take one 'kick in the butt', election to get the right process started, but considering the length of time the past death establishment has been on top, and the status quo future outlook, sitting out one election.... is the only first step forward.

Harper will no who deserted him by the amount of  people not showing up to vote for any party, and that people are clearly waiting for a moral party to come forth.  

Paul Gordon
Marmora  On.

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