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Reasons For Christians To Not Vote For Main Stream Parties

Reasons For Christians To Not Vote For Main Stream Parties

1) Christ was always about sacrifice, hardly about financial ‘perks’ promised to benefit you, or your family or socialist schemes that are put on National credit ponzi, (get me elected now) schemes Do not try to ‘justify’ small financial personal gain perceived, or otherwise, or union membership for that matter. You can’t logically or by any other means accomplish this.

Sorry, but sometimes you do have to actually think for yourself and not take anyone’s word, especially, when you are seeking truth.

2) There is no such thing as ‘strategy’ on moral issues. To do so, is to assume you can outsmart Satan and evil and as mere fallible mortals, you cannot and will not, hence the gift of Truth from Christ. Always go with Truth no matter the odds. (Better still, with Truth and prayer)

Here’s how the current strategy goes for voting for abortion and anti-family anti- children and anti- teen, anti- invalid and anti- senior main stream (or MSM) political parties.

“This MSM party has a pro life candidate in my riding so I’m okay with voting for him/her.”

Reality Check-
Probably, never in history have parties been so ‘centrally controlled than the present, especially, with the advent of mass media ‘instant’ communication in a medium of a strong leftist establishment.

Politics is the name of the game and all parties are controlled by a tight group of party handlers, small or big L liberal think tanks, big party contributors, all who make up the ‘office’ of the Prime Minister, the Premier, President.

Modern politics are sophisticated enough to allow for tightly controlled big tent voters. The liberal party, itself, has always allowed for a minimum of ‘pro-life’ candidates, to throw a bone to social conservative ridings anyway, to show how open-minded their party is etc.

When the liberals under Chretien worried that there may be one or two more ridings than the pro life wing should be allowed. They removed some pro life candidates from these ridings and ‘appointed’ pro abortion party minions to those ridings.

Tom Whappel, the ghost pro-life pro-family long held caucus leader in the national liberal party could have single-handedly or any ‘one’ of his liberal ghost pro-lifers could have crossed the floor and defeated the Martin liberal government down on a ludicrous budget actually drafted by the NDP in exchange for their confidence vote (that Martin had no intention of keeping anyway) ‘ONE’ week before Martin’s homosexual legislation was to pass.

Whappel, still would have had a political seat as a conservative or an independent, but it certainly appears he was worried about not getting re-elected on the liberal coat-tails in his liberal riding again and before his big pension pay-out.

Ego manic, Harper (going by his recent Nick Jaggar and John Lennon sing-a-longs’ has been all over the map on pro-life issues depending again on his political handlers and time of election cycle.

His (Harper’s,) strongest pro-abortion statements (one coming on the Sunday night the day before the last election,) were when he said, he didn’t know where the media got the idea, he, or the conservative party were pro-life, because they certainly were not. And when he forbid all his party elected from breathing a word about against abortion.

The bone for this past sitting was to ‘attempt’ to stop some monies from flowing abroad in support of third world abortions, but to keep the status quo of paying for abortions on demand with tax-payer money, domestically. Again, the name of the game is politics, not morality, or consistency for just two.

Lastly, a vote for a pro-abortion party, is only considered a pro-abortion, keep-the- status- quo. The Party or Party leader only knows they have your support for what they have been doing, period. They don’t know who you are, or what you think, how you feel or why you voted for them!!

They do know that you did vote for them however, so why would they ever logically change their strategy their method of operation, their thinking or their deceitful tactics?

The Case For Not Voting For A Pro Abortion Party, or Any Candidate There Of, or the Non Strategy of Going With the Plain Logical Truth

1) Christ would never say, “Hey, look go with the Devil (who is being very open and upfront in this case within the Party leaderships, or the Party people who actually count and have say and make laws) because your pro-life MPP or MP, (honest or dishonest) may be able to turn the whole Party Wheel around.

Stick to your moral principles and gut instinct on slithery parties and keep your eye on the ball not the tempting distractions.

2) This system has been proven to work in the U.S. which has a strong conservative voice.

When Bob Dole was running for U.S. President under the Republican banner he was doing good in the poles but believed, or his handlers believed he could win by a landside, if he opened up his tent to the leftist lights.

His famous speech of telling social conservatives, “There’s the door” for all you who have something against abortion or homosexuality came back to haunt him big-time and he was destroyed by the non-voting social conservatives.

Subsequently, the Bush (es) had to court back the social conservatives to some degree, in order for the Republicans to ever have a chance of winning again.

(They seem to be heading down that path of errors again, and now Donald Trump makes a few social conservative proclamations and grabs some huge poll numbers which ultimately will make the Republicans irrelevant for a while again, if they don’t change before 2012.)

If social conservatives in Canada make it clear they don’t want anything to do with MSM parties, (instead of playing their game of status quo) and a huge number of (even more than usual) eligible voters don’t bother to vote this election, the long term result for the next and future elections will be desperate Parties looking to seriously, court social conservatives (responsible, thinking for themselves with the tools of logic and Truth, Christians).

Paul Gordon

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