Friday, December 23, 2011

McGuinty's Educational Circus Tent With No Exits

When Norman Bates McGuinty turns McGiddy watch out. Like Simeon, I only want to live long enough to see McGutless's devout pro-life Catholic father struggle out from his grave to pee on his idiot son's grave, hopefully not too far away for the poor guy to walk.

Step right up!  Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! See the educational circus coming to a kid near you. You can catch the show forever, in fact you have nooooo choice, not in Ontario, your's to recover.

We have yer standards, half man/ half women..don't doubt us or we will display all,,,, heck we may anyway.

We have yer fat man/fat woman blowhard unions-no need for megaphones who can't control their own lives but can teach your kids all they know.

We have yer bearded ladies and yer metro males...We have yer cross-dressers, yer under dressers, women in trousers, and men in skirts...and lots and lots of smutty dirt.

We have bitches to keep you in stitches and don't worry they're be some women too.

We have yer covered muzzled Muslims but watch out for those sudden sword up-chuckers.

We have yer lizard ladies, and yer gents popping tents.

We have yer circus music with kid's love song singers to dead communists.

We even have a class on what to do with your fist.

We have yer flea circus up- date with gerbils, some poop.

And enviro man, half junk science, just half junk

With TVOs latest horse shit jour du scoop.

And don't fer git horse riders, by now, you know what we mean

Hell, we got things even you've... never seen.

You see McGuinty adults have knowledge of this shit but I doubt it's their pride

No need for little children to take it as formal education in stride.

Keep your kind of special interest hands to yourself and give us full educational, non union, non politically correct... choice. 

We pay for the choice of people to kill babies,  here's a far far easier choice you can give us that will save millions and millions of dollars, you idiot.

Quit screwing us for the sake of your precious teacher's votes.