Monday, December 19, 2011

Canadian Catholic Churches Plan Massive Public Processions

Caught you looking!

Of course not! Maybe, in much more Catholic, but socialist Brazil or much more Catholic but third world crazy Mexico, but never in free and smug Canada! We can all sit on our ass and watch the Pope's Mass on the boob tube, if we're so inclined and my guess would be that the majority of Canadian Catholics for convenience wouldn't.

In Canada, the bishops and priests have the government, p.c. Boards, p.c. trustees and militant anti- Catholic, 'Catholic' pope- hating teacher unions to look after Catholic children and young adults for them. So they don't have to worry about the little buggers even coming to Church, they're in such 'good hands'.

And they don't have to worry about any aesthetic never mind Holy representations of Christmas because the Knights have their singular 'slogan'. Seriously, the Knights and the CWL were arguing out loud behind me at Mass yesterday. The Knights would go as far as pick up a tree for the Altar but neither would have anything to do with decorating said tree. Good Grief Charlie Brown.

And if that's not enough we have all the assorted Santa parades, though I would hate to see the Toronto all-inclusive one, I'm sure.

Besides, the Canadian Government(s) want the bishops and priests to keep Christianity on the low q.  The Canadian Catholic Church has been such a bully over the years, it's time to stand down and let the Muslims, commies, and atheists take centre stage.

I've been to at least a hundred churches in Ontario, heard all the anti military, anti- U.S. anti- capitalist, fuzzy United Church Chicken soup for the soul, history of the cross, scripture footnote after footnote sermons  for my fill, but there was only one Catholic Church I've been to that actually dared to have a public procession, though the protestants used to have large Jesus marches in the same city, Oshawa, of all places, right up Simcoe Street.

They was an annual Italian Marian procession that just went around the back parking lot and back in wherein the Italian mothers competed for whose daughter was the best done up Queen Mary at appropriately named St. Mary's on Stevenson Road North.

So what's with that Canadian Catholic Bishops and every single priest?

Is it like a vampire thing, priests and bishops are destroyed by the sunlight, but they have no problem telling communicants they can't receive the body of Christ, kneeling or on the tongue. Certainly, they never show up to any public display of opposing Canada's and Ontario's abortion laws and tax give-aways...not from day one of abortion on demand anywhere, anytime, any reason.

To the priests, is there an actual Bishop edict that forbids proud public processions in honour of Christ and the Holy 'Family'. That would be news we would have to know that would exonerate you of blame.

Or, is it that Canada is just so gosh darn Holy, any public display of love for Christ originating from the King's Own Church, would just be a largess of excess of the wrong kind of officially p.c. sanctioned 'feelings'.

Really, more than Virgina ever wanted I need to know the reason because I sure just don't get it

Feel free to email me in confidence if you so desire at if you have the serious answer to this terrible depressing shortfall of the Canadian Catholic Church.


Just in time for Christmas 2011 

Weak kneed, limp wristed, spineless (they must use a flat horse shit shovel to move this jelly from place to place) Brendan O'brien long parachuted Bishop to the Ontario Kingston Diocese, from the banished North, has sent out a memo to all 'his'  Canadian Catholic Churches

Parishioners are not to kneel for Communion, nor genuflect, bow or make reverant gestures before or while receiving Communion.

Wait for it......They might trip other parishioners around them!

Yes, we've had a rash of Communion lines falling all over the place tripping and stumbling all over each undignifed.

Look, O'brien the miserable old farts might run you, and your church in Kingston and we know that's all there is in the whole diocese cuz that's all there is in the whole Canadian Church. But, don't show your slip to all the Churches.

This is why you have nothing but old farts. Who believes you're serious about anyone's soul or anything else than keeping the dwindling money reciepts coming in. Yeah, that's the kind of courage to attract youth!
This isn't the kind of laity participation Pope John Paul was pleading for. Narcissistic miserable never satiated old people having the Church their way!

O'brien was the first to beat the Board of Health, in demanding that parishioners stop shaking  hands at the sign of peace, (for the wrong reason of satisfying, control freak germaphobes) and receiving the Host on the tongue.  Gee, I guess he believes in the true Presence doesn't he?

Why should we go to Mass at all except to give you money and listen to old people talk, laugh and carry on through-out the Mass?

Apparently, there is no Consecration taking place and our neighbors can frizby us representative and relative wafers as well as bless us, and our kids.

Get serious and then give us a call back....goodbye and Merry Christmas

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