Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No Room at GOP Inn For Tea Party or Socons

No Room In GOP Inn For Tea Party and Socons

In the North American two (serious) party 'strategic' political game of 'just getting our team elected', in other words, the whole ball of wax for four years or so there has been a constant bullied boy told to stand down.

Like in a marriage, where the man is always the one to stifle himself and apologize (I know an unheard- of mystery to Islam) but social conservatives are always the ones to do the same.

Ironically, like the man in the marriage the social conservatives are the ones in possession of the balls to straighten a poor nation out. And gosh darn, sometimes men are required for certain and specific duties other than putting out the (party's) trash.

I include the Tea Party in the sense that they are the closest bridge Socons have ever had to the ruling GOP chattering class who are finding it increasingly difficult to find the electorate's pulse...apparently. The Tea Party is also being told to stand down and watch the experienced experts.

I don't know, but I'm thinking that maybe you changed your mind on serious ethical and moral issues if you still see yourself in the rear view mirror as close to those impressionable, incredibly naive years that the medias and academia took so much advantage of.

Guilty...myself.  Some entrepreneurs once came close to giving me alcohol poisoning while trying to convince me otherwise....can't blame them. Better dead than Red.

But Hell's Bells, oh wise men, if you are in your forties, fifties, and on and you changed your mind, and attempted to change logic itself, on serious moral or ethical matters, related to the very last piece of legislation you voted for or abstained from, and gave the political correctness of the day a big sloppy wet kiss, I hardly think I would believe anything you say now, especially when you get so game change politically pathetic now, not mentioning names, though he sure is getting more entertaining with every 'hour'.

I mean who do you think you are, a partisan appointed activist Supreme Court Justice?

In other words, and pardon my Christian, but you are so full of s_ _ t!

Where's the rule that says socons must always, always stand down written in the GOP handbook?

Socons are not to be slapped in the face a la Bob big tent (no not his viagra commercial post presidential- run, career) Doh! Dole

How about getting 'our team' in under the flag of truth for once, so cons being the only ones in the broad ranging GOP fit to at least lace those sandals up?

The guy who thought he could hide a thirteen year affair from either us or his wife I expect, aside, (and thanks for wasting everyone's precious time money and efforts in that regard) there are still a handful of candidates on the small back burner, socons would be happy with or even a reconsideration of Palin.

Otherwise, socons need to abandon the party that doesn't even throw them a bone after any election. A loss is a loss is a loss is a loss, to Truth and Christianity and harder to swallow when they claim to be flying our flag albeit half way down their pole.

Oh yes, and a special thanks and shout-out to all the media conservative (libertarian) celebrities, for nothing. You can already tell your advertisers you lost us a while ago.

Paul Gordon

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