Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Message 2008

Christmas Message 2008

This world immersed in humanism seeks the rise and return of the eternal and universal Church

If there was ever a more urgent Christmas message of 2008 needed it would be one of hope.

Surely, the ugliness and futility of man and his clear free choice to evil over good has been fully
exposed for anyone who has eyes to see and the stomach to bare it.

Unbridled capitalism and undefeated socialism have matured to their full attrition of temporal
destruction in full economic disaster and humanist splendour of personal gain, greed, and sloth.

Imitation has been demanded for the sincerest form of sympathy.

Politicians, all, past and present have shown their total lust for power at the expense of any
personal ideals, personal faith, family or national good.

Modern instant world stage media has caught modern politicians at every frequent turn and
change in moral and strategic value and course as per targeted audience and more importantly
fickle humanist poll.

Unfortunately, in a world looking for heros in all the wrong places the lesson learned is not that
politicians ( to put it mildly) are no different than real estate agents or car salesmen putting an
impressive front to an over-priced inferior product, its that crookedness, insincerity, immorality,
raw unscrupulous power attainment and staying power are ‘okay’ and not a blemish on a partisan
or iconic hero... make.

Unbelievably, the underbelly of weakness and sin is equated with goodness through the failings
of humanist heros. Hero good equates with immorality good or at least unescapable. All is futile
and lost...give in and give up or be ridiculed and hated.

The (real) Church.....Christ, makes distinctions and societal moral judgments (that actually are at
man’s and societal’s best and only survivable interest as a loving parent would impart to a son or
daughter) ergo the Church expects too much and there is nothing to strive for or look beyond and
in the past beyond immediate feelings and personal gratification at the time.

Give into temptation...give into the day. Do not strive for, or dare to glance to, perfection, not for
own shame but for empty-ness of will to seek and to love true beauty. Hope and have faith not.

Evil never goes beyond the physical and the world. The fallen angel is entrapped in the world and
seeks to keep his decided company around him. It appears in fact of observation and result that
there is an all out attempt at the present for evil to do its worst for whatever reason one can

The world is the only place in all the heavens of stars that evil can play , persuade, and do its
worst. And there is nothing living, evil seeks or can hurt.. that does not harbor a precious soul.

It should be abundantly clear that the human soul is the Holy Grail sought by evil because the
soul is God’s child to resist, and therefore defeat, evil in Holy battle as long as the body or
earthly temple has breath left in it before coming back home in brilliant beauty of love from Him.

We are granted the sole defenders and stewards of goodness on earth, above all else, especially
above the least important fleeting physical or temporal nature of the world... and we are granted
the tools of choice, (including choice to seek the aid of God or not), and individual discernment
to work with.

We do not solve fact very little.... by looking inwards to man or of philosophic terms born
of and confined to the world but by looking upwards towards the heavens, where only Goodness
dwells and has triumphed.

Goodness never gets trapped with anything of the world, nor did Christ. Goodness fills the
vacuum of all else and has but one Creator, more over a hero....a Father.

In the light of Goodness there is no room for anything else that despairs, troubles or mystifies.
Goodness has triumphed all associated and controlled by evil. In this, we can be assured in all
and through all manner and way of suffering we may endure in the present..

At this time of the celebration of the birth of Christ. We celebrate Christ’s victory over evil and
humanism. We celebrate in His Perfection.. Christ the Truth

And in Truth there is always Hope.

Paul Gordon

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