Sunday, March 10, 2013

Canada:The Truth Will Set You in prison penniless or both

Canada's Newest Imposed Law, Er.. 'Value'

When you think of nations that criminalized truth and therefore obviously made it a 'defense' non-starter to argue with against the state, you think of the WWII Axis and Russia's, human hammer and sickle, Stalin.

Well in Canada the truth was the first casualty of 'Human Right' quasi judicial fiat or political correctness on steroids, and now it is state 'official' in the ultimate ruling class, the elected make that the bucked tooth politically 'party' appointed activists at the highest level of the judiciary.

For a second I thought the legislature still mattered (or cared) about the morality of the land, the innocence of the child, the protection of the family, those silly yesterday values.

In the semi- captive arena of the 'workplace', political correctness made it's greatest inroads with beauts like the modern definition of harassment where the victim only has to feel emotionally harmed regardless of the actual intent, or in some cases even the knowledge, of the accused for a charge to be held up, and where employment places, themselves, can be held into account for individual worker 'transgressions' and must provide for sensitivity training for every new politically correct work place law.

{{Don't know about you, but I think most grown-ups, except lonely union arse-kissers with out a life, go to the workplace for one reason, to earn money to feed their families and the various governments that take their money at politician's pleasure. We don't really care about other's personal issues, (even when we're pretending) or personal problems they should be seeking religions of hope about, or seeing equally spirited professionals about, who delve on the future not the past.

We have little time for our families and children we do care about (again, thanks to politicians and governments) so we have even less time for our co-workers.}}

And you wondered why businesses are all of a sudden falling over each other to sponsor politically correct events and adopt activist 'values'?

No heavy handedness there...

These 'offended' seemingly innumerable (if often invisible) victims had to be the inconsolable wailing tots you backed away from in the sandbox as kids.

Mental illness just isn't understood or empathized anymore.... it rules!

The specific 'landmark' far- reaching case, of this writing, ruled on, in part, by party appointed homosexual judges agreed that the defendant, William Whatcott, was being truthful and had heartfelt intentions and convictions, (as a recovering homosexual, himself), but that could still be deemed as hate if a homosexual even far away from the geographical location (I take it) of the supposed 'offense' felt harmed, and apparently financially put out. What a honking WTF just happened, moment, in Canuck history.

I mean who could question why fecal to mouth sex could possibly be degenerate or degrading not to mention physically bad for anyone, and not a sound aesthetic basis for two males to 'marry' in the eyes of the state, and adopt male infants, or a sweet sentimental act for 'public celebration' and proselytizing.

Abortion of course, long being another celebrated Canadian 'value' that even awarded its top baby killer with Canada's highest thus, simultaneously 'lowest', award (for all you snow flake holders like Jean Vanier who couldn't accept their precious metal being devalued overnight to a slug. Jean, respectfully, you, of all people and with your great great compassion with special needs people should know that in these evil times, goodness does not rub off on evil anymore but rather the other way around!)

Listen up, United States of America!

You didn't believe you would ever have to worry about homosexual marriage, and you offered zip to Canadian conservatives, when Euro-Nether Canada's immoral elite foisted it on us... how long will it be before Obama criminalizes truth and therefore, Christianity in your land of the free?

For a supposed advanced and enlightened democracy, Canada's anthem should be “If I only had a brain!”, for the whole of the populist electorate

So brainwashed, so confidant, so safe, and so warm in the apparently odorless steam pile of the Marxist liberal establishment, I would wager money that if you did a matter the issue... and you lied and said seventy per cent of the respondents responded in such a way... populist Canadians would then vote seventy per cent in that exact same way in an ensuing vote... like sheep to the slaughter.

Think about this Canadians, now “The Truth Can Set You Penniless and or in Prison” and that is an all new but scary truth.

Every time you see the little guy in stripes going to his cell as a piracy warning at the beginning of a DVD think of this post, but only in a more probable scenario if you like to exercise your (former) right to free speech and right to worship the (one and same) Truth of Christ in Canada.

Paul Gordon

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