Monday, March 18, 2013

The Straight Skinny On Pope Francis

The Straight Skinny On Pope Francis

And State of the World That Awaits Him

Now that the dust has settled, and if you aren't 'locked into prophesier and conspiracies' but rather giving the poor Jesuit a break on a) explaining the rest of the Jesuits and b) determining his own fate… here's the way the whole thing shakes down after the leftist world media has scraped Argentine cobblestone for any sign the Pope wasn't once  politically incorrect and dropped a DNA laden mars bar wrapper on that bus he took to work everyday.
(Human nature is no less allotted for on the left than on the right)
So the former Cardinal/former Bishop, now Pope, was stuck between a rock and a hard place during tremulous murderous times, that is, between a communist guerrilla movement and a murderous dictatorship, all claiming to be as Catholic as Hugo Chavez…big deal.
Is there anything newer, more common  or less ignorant under the sun anywhere in South America than a dictator and communist guerrillas except maybe drug lords.  Knock me over with a feather?
On a national level, Marxism (there- included unionism and where the free world had a choice no less) is what narcissism and personal greed gets you every time sooner than later. The opposite desire.
South America missed a lot of Vatican memos being desperate for heroes and all, and one of them was that priests are not supposed to side with, or join communist guerrillas as exceptionally useful idiot's, to the greater or lesser evil, cause.  When it comes to evil…greater.. lesser you say tomato.
Whatever moved the two Jesuits in question to be moved by the Humanist Marxist Spirit and subsequent shit that happened on them.... they brought it on themselves and it is reported that they were warned by the Bishop at the time.
If you're going to live excitingly and dangerously Frs. Butch and Sundance, make sure your ideals are impeccable and there are no gray areas you’re measuring up for broad shoulders of courage
Keep an open mind to the objective Truth ( Holy Ghost) and a closed mind to all other comers gnawing on your ankles.
Compared to what Pope Francis went through, never mind the Saints who had their blood shed, the Bishops and Cardinals in Canada folded like a deck of cards, merely under political correctness, without the threat of anything.... really. It certainly seems that the Canadian hierarchy flinches at the thought of not being populist and behind the latest of times.
This Pope appears to be strolling on scene with all the right notions on Truth, homosexuality, abortion, angry feminist attacks, humanism and political correctness, but we can only judge him on what he did today and will do tomorrow.
He has a relative clean slate of a past which may be why the Cardinals had to 'search to the ends of the earth' to find him.
The problem with any, make that, most... of the modern Catholic hierarchy is that the higher they rise…. like a ladder, the farther their base is kicked out from the never changing wall of truth, until they slide down onto their face with the rest of the world.
Yes, Christ’s children need grandfatherly faces of love, and tender kisses on the cheek, but only the Truth can free the innocence of the innocents, that the dark childless world of perversion has stolen from  babe to child and beneath their very parents noses. Only Christ’s love through Truth can be everywhere for everyone and set all the captives free.
Truth makes the feeble and the tired strong for whoever wields it so the Pope’s age is not a factor.
Whatever simmers or has simmered beneath centuries of Islam pales in comparison by what it has emboldened to the surface now that can politically ‘render harmless’ official calls for persecution and blood of Jews and Christians by Islamic nations is another Truth by stark reality, that can no longer be tolerated or ignored like it doesn't exist here, and now.   
At minimum the Pope should make no 'reach-outs' to Islamic nations. Did anyone reach out to Stalin after ignoring the Truth about that evil for so long even though the allies not only knew of Stalin's murderous ambitions they were complicit and let him have his way with Poland and other eastern block imprisoned but formerly free nations...and no less than Canada and the U.S. are complicit now in Christian murders and persecutions in 'all' official Islamist  Nations!
May Harper and Obama rot Hell for their records on unrestricted abortions alone!
Christian nations cherish and defend innocent babies, the sick and the elderly. Christian nations toil, sacrifice and given
Humanist Marxist satanic nations divide anger take extort victimize cheapen deceive use hold down and now mold reality and tragedy into entertainment.
The cold hard establishments in Canada and the USA take pride in abandoning the former and embracing the latter, facilitated by dumbed down, thought- corralled, environment obsessed, populist worshipers  rendering nations crippled but for state compliance, participation, and political party ‘elected values’.
Where’s the new world now, and what if anything will this man accomplish on the Rock where others have come and gone barely  slowing this short quick slide into even darker times?
Against such formidable odds of turning anything at all back where there simply is no longer a will, the best the Church might possibly do is proclaim the Truth as once and forever, circle the wagons and prepare for it’s own sacrifice.
For the Church to survive the very gates of Hell, something quite apart from the now (normal) ever- worsening situation has to occur.
The resignation of one failing Pope, sentiment aside, and sentiment aside, what did Ronald Reagan or John Paul accomplish that even lasted a decade against an entrenched world liberal evil establishment?) is quite apart from the normal, for a start.
Of course, I’d love to write things are just peachy, ( there is hope, indicators, a sign here, a sign there, but why handcuff or delay truth anymore while the car is still headed in reverse down the highway, and everyone else is looking ahead for far away destinations.
And think about what destinations that can only be waiting at the end of this kind of a route, that couldn't possibly sustain any kind of morality, law, order, economic stability, never mind future prosperity..  a reactionary or re flexed  route to cover only for the last mistake, that’s left the road with no maps and sure as heck, no easy shortcuts back.
Paul Gordon


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