Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Only Two Ethical Questions Needed For Child Rearing

And Tickled The Last Three Popes Agree With Me

1) Who is best suited to raise 'your' children?

a) Your current elected politicians

b) The always politically correct establishment intent on training and turning your kids into obsessed homosexual, environmental, Muslim non- truths, brown shirts

c)The politically correct under-worked government over- funded incestuous education administrations

d)The Marxist militant unions that man public school boards and many Catholic school boards...... a.k.a., the proud third, and fourth generations down the line of Marxist degeneration. Like you thought they could evolve for the better?

e)The common school yard socialization interaction of today's 'pollute the kids... the younger the better' guinea pig victims of pervert social experimentors... even worse than the childless brother or sister who knows better than you on how to raise your own kids.

f) The latest computer game or TV's modern idea of humor and 'cartoons'

g) TV sardonic agenda driven 'sit coms' and 'talk shows' that make the 2% appear to be the 100%

h) The person who uses the Virgin Mary's name, Lady Gag Gag or too Much Music which tries to be way too much culture


2) Who is ultimately responsible and has the only caring interest in 'your' children's actual welfare, as opposed to bringing them into the fold of their agenda?

Welcome to the world of homeschooling or private Judeo Christian schools. And if the establishment really wanted choice, multiculturalism, and normal tax payer expense. they would have had vouchers out a long time ago!

Paul Gordon

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