Saturday, March 16, 2013

Open Invite to Matt Barber and American So-Cons

Re WND's Matt Barber's Pro Life Column

Again, Canada has led the way and foisted the pro-death, pro pervert, Marxist culture onto the United States of America, though I'm not so sure what unites them anymore.

(Obama can't conquer without dividing)

For starters, we led the way in North America for universal health care, pensions, 50 percent plus nickle and dime taxes on all transactions, homo marriage, death of social conservatism, enshrined all party liberal establishments, gun control, morality teaching of the Catholic Church (you read it write), on and on.

But, to Barber's latest stellar column and concern, taxpayer funding of abortion on demand, Canada has been charging all people for abortions in private and public clinics since they started, (and only allowed for) national health care over fifty years ago, when they called abortions D&C's to get around the flimsy abortion laws, such as they were, that used to be in effect after WWII

When Washington has its annual pro-life March, thousands of good Canadians cross the border to take part.

It seems to me that United State's social conservatives would do their nation honor and good to take part, in a preventive sort of way by attending social conservative causes in Canada before they become in favour and law in Canada.

All the immoral laws that come to be in the United States have all come to being in Canada first.

They can start by coming up to Ottawa in May when the weather in Canada is perfect and when the annual March For Life on Parliament Hill and the Supreme Court of homosexual party appointed justices takes place.

There American youth can join some 10,000 inspiring Catholic high school teens (from Quebec and Ontario Catholic religion classes) party week-long, before and after the main event.

Just one Washington like March on a Nation whose annual budget and population is less than California's would bring the Ottawa liberals to their knees.

And considering Canada's track record of influence on emboldening American liberals, it would not be time and energy wasted.

We have hundreds of acres available in the Marmora area alone suitable for RVs, camping etc. for free, or at most mere 'cost' i.e. portable toilets and will arrange for day trip protest day buses if need be. Email  if interested     Paul Gordon

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