Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bill O'Reilly vs. Laura Ingraham

Or Liberepublican Thumbs Reaganite
And ala Bob Dylan, How Does It Feel?

To the non-social-conservative natural sensibility, one may have been left with that, ‘What the Hell was that’, observation, after viewing Laura’s ‘peacemaker apologetics’ to the guy who wanted to bury her, her other long time friend, Limbaugh, and anything she or her  audience base stood for.

Laura’s biggest gaffe other than not bringing, well.. anything actually, to the O K corral factor was to call out a bigger ego than the heights Rush can only get away, with when he’s pretending.

The ‘bible thump’ heard round the world, to the point, at least the Fox network ‘world’ or the bible belt and 99/100ths of the straight pre-Obama military, was not something any self respecting egocentric could back down on.. anymore than say. a North Korean dictator.

Indeedy, Laura, what were you thinking asking a much heavier political weight, (and I feel compelled to mention that as a ‘good thing’ in Laura’s corner) and Irish, to boot….asking, What was he, bad Billy, thinking?

Here’s the thing Laura. O’Reilly treated you about the same way Reaganites have treated social conservatives, in recent years if it was, (and it was), between us and a libertarian/ socially liberal, GOP presidential candidate.. made so by process of Republican elite preference of elimination. A pain, another masochist GOP apologist, Santorum, should have learned well.

Granted, he may have been, and still be.. in shock. Everyone (almost), can  get sentimentally philosophical once they’re handed their ass to carry back home instead of to wear.  Been there too.

Of course, the more sickening pain was that of which social conservatives had to observe in the whole bizarre, bordering on sordid, affair of which Drudge helped manipulate in no small manner, and which Santorum failed not only to defend his honor, but more importantly the attacks on his family.

At least, Laura should have picked up a few lessons in all of this.

There is a truth that the likes of millions of O’Reillies of the world claim doesn’t exist while damningly hold to be personally ‘right’.

And, in small parts it goes that you can’t be ‘friends’ with the world and with the Truth. You can however dine with the sinners but certainly not those evil or consecrated to evil.

That morality is the realm of God alone, not philosophy, the world, or the worse of a divided nation even if they are the majority.

That conscience is never a victor, but a given guide to be comfortable with if not cherished to lead one to the Victorious, victorious in his humble sacrifice, abdication of His ‘Rights’, and of Whom all real heroes are measured in their struggle, often against the might of the world.

Republicans… go home with the one who brung ya….. and if back home is the only place you have left to go… what’s so bad about that?

For one, it is the place where no mother or father chooses the world, by any and all nations, over their children, or children should choose the world over their parents.

That’s the only Truth I ever elude to, and the one Who owns it.

And as Christians are told every Sunday, (before they go and vote for abortion 'parties' every election, playing perfectly into their greater plan and by their rules), you are with God or you are with the world.

Don't consider the O'Reillies of the world as Truth or with
God or even that the Reaganites would not and did not cheer a pro abortion, pro gay Republican, Romney, (even Santorum, for crying out loud) this time, once he was selected (by hook and crook) by the only party to supposedly represent Judeo-Christians.. but have been only selecting big tent candidates for a number of elections.

And because they are the only party to represent Judeo-Christians it is presumed (by association up to election day at least) that Judeo-Christians now share this big tent world philosophy with the O'Reillies of the world or are okay with it, with the Reaganite celebrities of today.

And as always to Christians, it's how you play the game, (Truth) never a 'big tent, stragity' as a means to a worldly political end of  equal capitulation with the (truly) enemy anyway.

Maybe for once the fan base needs to educate the celebrity Reaganites instead of the other way around.

Polarization... Hell yes, that's what Truth is about. With God or with the world  and at one time there was no shame in America being solidly with God. 

Why not again... even France is showing up the Americas on homosexual adoption and marriage.

Paul Gordon

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