Sunday, April 21, 2013

Look to Obama to Emulate Canada One More Time

Look to Obama to Emulate Europeanized Canada One More Time

For all of the leftest establishment laws Canada should have been ashamed to have enacted that the United States should have been even more ashamed to emulate... and for just a few examples rampant abortions starting in the 50's with 'medical necessary' D&Cs, extreme limits on political free speech with open perversions on everything else in the 'name of free speech', homosexual rights to flaunt public decency and public sex laws, marry and adopt babies and male toddlers, boys.... gun control etc.

....look for one more

(Our sure to be next Prime Minister's father), Pierre Trudeau, enacted the War Measures Act in 1970
that basically gave Trudeau's tightly controlled cabinet of less than stellar elected leftist politicians to basically suspend all legal, and (certainly all today's idea of fanciful) 'human' rights, to do whatever they wanted for a period of 15 days at least and that could be re-enacted every 15 days thereafter, at basically Trudeau's sole discretion.

And, as Trudeau said in one of his many arrogant expressions (Just Watch Me) hundreds of citizens were in fact arrested without charges or explanations needed, and their was the potential to do much more including suspending any publications this small cabinet saw fit.

(Just watch me....hmmm I wonder who in the United Sates has that King of the Nation attitude today..certainly no one in the GOP...unfortunately at least, since Reagan).

The 'reason' for this extreme measure was hardly the scope of a 9/11, but only for an (allowed to that point) simmering small Quebec 'left-wing' separatist group the treasonous FLQ and their two murders... one, not even of a Canadian citizen, but a British diplomat.

So not being an American constitutional 'expert', I don't know what avenue Obama has to pull a similar political, rabbit but 'executive power' or 'executive order' would no doubt give him an avenue to pull something similar if not as extreme, and certainly Obama with the power of the whole left wing establishment still intimate with him, has proven not to be afraid to lie cheat and steal or much of anything else to date.


Side Bar

May 9/ 2013 (a Thursday) is this year's date of Canada's annual largest pro-life demonstration on Canada's parliament and supreme court, buildings.

It is Canada's equivalent of America's pro-life march on Washington, co-coincidently of which many Canadians cross the border and take part.

As all of Canada's population only amounts to the population of California, an expected 20,000 turn-out of mostly Christian and Catholic youth is a pretty strong turn out.

It's like Toronto's World Youth Day played out again every year only also attended by different Christian individuals and institutions.

Unfortunately, though Canada is only the size of California in population (if not in debt) it has just as great if not more influence on the American leftist establishment in increasing socialist laws.

Canada was 'first' in North America with abortion rights in the name of 'medical necessary' D&C procedures, first with homosexual adoption and marriage rights, first with non- discriminating of homosexual big brothers, boy scout leaders, and blood donors, and Canada has had federal gun control for a number of years, though gun crimes were all but exclusive to Toronto and Montreal a very very small piece of federal geography in all of Canada's rural majesty.

A good starting place for America to start shutting down the embedded leftists and reversing their success may be where they came from in the first place, or North America's own Europe, Canada.

If any retired American Catholic/Christians for instance, are looking for a beautiful place to vacation this spring, they might want to consider Ottawa at this particular time and join in with the big mostly but hardly entirely, youth march through Ottawa and past Canada's Medal of Honour winner's own abortuary.

And if anyone needs free accomodation in the form of tenting, or trailer/camper parking for a day or two (with a protest day two-hour designated pro-life bus ride to the March, if they so choose) feel free to email for arrangements

Paul Gordon

Marmora Ont.

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