Saturday, April 27, 2013

Vive La France Libre

Just a little more obvious truth for those who can get over themselves and social position in life, to handle it.

It Was The Best of France And The Worst of France

The French riot police were seen to be the worst, as a priest was kicked in the head, just for the Hell of it during this week's protests against homosexual 'marriage' and adoption 'rights' of which a clear majority of French citizen would seem to strongly disagree with at a whopping demonstrations which did top out at over 300 thousand.

They were good little-thinking police officers to the extent that good Nazis couldn't make any moral distinction between good and bad either... just following orders and with excitement and no doubt boisterous vigor and bravado, esprit de corps.

To bad their allegiance is blindly to the State, except in revolution with a massive majority, instead of to whom is blatantly, evil or good.

Morally upright concerned citizens are not the anarchists!

And if you can't understand that, you don't see that all your moral relivancy school upbringing has brainwashed you into not standing up for a damn thing, but what you are told and only what is popular!

Perhaps the problem lies with the tiny minority of pious liberal legislators passing un-mandated laws!

Dutiful, politically correct North American bishops and priests balk and cower at even thoughts of such protest while at the same time claim the highly unlikely event they are all going to be martyred themselves one day which doesn't quite jive with 'hiding out' and keeping their mouths shut while feeding the liberal establishment 'Beast' with Catholic youth's souls every single day.

The best of Catholic France is that being the first liberal nation in modern Europe to experiment with not just abstract art, but abstract culture, theology, and philosophy, it took abstract immigration of the evil spreading culture of Islam to perk up some heads and see that the whole liberal connected ball of wax was to the detriment of their nation, their culture, their laws and public morality.

They didn't have to visit Hell to see it publicly demonstrated every day like one continuous public 'Pride Day'.

But, it took the new 'rights' of homosexuals whose only raison d'etre, and one point of distinction is centered on mental illness outwardly manifested  by perverse sexual acts, and a high propensity for child sex engagement, both of which normal males find abhorrent, and disgusting, to enrage them enough to take action... where North America couldn't get its act together to get two people together in the name of Christ to publicly oppose any of the youth poisonous liberal agendas. And as priests were obviously 'engaged' in France.

The Catholic Church was, (and still is) privately full of bravado while at the same time 'publicly' embarrassed to point out anything, certainly a great deal shy of a John the Baptist, the most beloved friend of Christ and whose feast day formally Catholic Quebec, has made a mockery, and public drunk fest and riot of.

American and especially Canadian Catholics should be ashamed of their Church, provinces, states, and nations!

Maybe now, formally ridiculed (and I'm just as guilty as anyone) France, the rejected stone will inspire Canada who in turn will inspire America who in the past has followed suite after Canada in all its liberal laws.
France's greatest Saints including the patron Saint of Priests are smiling.

Paul Gordon

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