Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kick Ass Week In Ottawa (Nothing To Do With Hockey)

Kick Liberal Ass Week in Ottawa (sorry only figuratively)

EWTN is coming up to Ottawa this week to feature the March for Life (and therefore also for God) Witness in a show of solidarity and pride to be Christian!

EWTN, of course is the Catholic/Christian independent source for Truth with an American and world- wide follow- ship that would rival the population of Canada.

The peaceful witness to be attended by up to 20k Truth enlightened youth will keep Harper hunkered in his Sussex social- liberal bunker for the entire week as per usual... March. Maybe, his chosen underage Speaker of the House will hold his hand.

Justin Trudeau will be greatly dismayed at the numbers of clean moral youth he could have had, but is to self centred and ego energized to ever 'get' what really counts.

Young Turd's kinda 'people' will be the tiny group of half dressed 'university leashed'  feminists and male gawker nerd friends who will be separated and cordoned off by the RCMP, as they try to egg on and miserably drown out, the peaceful marchers.... Or the ones who will get all the MSM attention as does Justin, himself.

Look for much of the chatter and buzz to be about Gosnell, America's version of Morgentaler, only without the nation's highest award (as some leftist secure enshrinement of immorality over anyone's personal affection for this idiot) and about Viva La France, the only nation to take on the homo-crowd.. seriously.

Afterall, homos and childless feminists are sisters in arms who have a lot in common.

Be there or be queer!

Paul Gordon


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