Friday, March 21, 2008

Difference Between China Revolt Supporters and Useful Idiots

Western Difference Between China Revolt Supporters And Useful Idiots

Idiots who support Olympics over revolution, are mostly composed of cowardly politicians, western liberals, over zealous and egotistic competitive patriots, simplified sports fans whose, life and souls revolve around sports celebrities and teams and of course the historically bribed and pampered official Olympic Organizing Committee (Mafia) Members.
Western supporters of revolt or rebellion against Communist (HELLOO!) China are composed of real non-elected and political mesmerized conservatives.

They are mostly social conservatives, pro-life, often Christian or Catholic, (though apparently a small percentage of modern pseudo socialist 'Catholics')

They want what’s best for their babies, children, and families, now 'and tomorrow', not just what feels good to them right now.

They don’t equate 'freedom' with public perversion and control freaks who want to micro-manage every aspect of their lives, and control their thoughts, speech and their health in terms of what's good for the State.

They know that just about, every ‘progressive’ piece of legislation in the secular or humanist world is another ding in their rights, and freedom, and empowerment to the Marxist unions and liberal wacko’s who want all control over their workplaces and families.

The idiots don’t see past their own nose, don’t care about anyone but themselves and believe communists are not all that bad, especially if they can make money and still control every single citizen, who has no say in absolutely anything political or freedom wise.

They don’t care that protests are answered with tanks, murders torture and imprisonment, and that the stupid people (everyone but them) need to be controlled for their own good and their babies need to be drowned in the back rice paddy for the good of all.

They never consider third world people and communist peasants as their equal or deserving of anything they have. See above narcissism descriptions of same.

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