Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Secular Bible of New Sins Against Humanists

The Secular Bible of New Sins (Part one)

Now that the media has taken more words from ‘someone’ at the Vatican out of context, blown them up and reshaped them for a laugh, I.e., Don’t recycle…. Go to Hell, it’s time to make fun of what the humanist establishment takes way too seriously.

1) Christian religious shalt not criticize thy political parties in power lest thy lose thy tax exempt status. 100 effective on thy scale of 1 to 10. Sorry Jesus.

2) Thalt shall genuflect long and low whenever thou’ist hear thy name of Commy Tommy Douglas the first successful socialist to win the hearts of the greedy, the Newfy, the Manitobian, the Toronto Har, and the minds of the CBC.

b) Thou shalt not use thy name of Sec. St. Commy Tommy (who was all for murdering defective babies, the infirmed and the retarded, for the socialist master race, just like Planned Parenthood and uncle Adolf) in vane whilst standing in line outside emergency rooms, or in ambulance routes to no where in particular, or forgetting house calls and just trying to obtain a family doctor in Ontario.

3 a) Thou shalt keep thy tiny kitchen as a recycling centre in addition to a place of food preparation, that thine garbage shalt still end up the same place anyway.

b) Thine local Board of Health will doth stand down to thy City Powers and not inspect attached living communities for melodious odours, rodents, bugs and diseases on warm weather, alternate weeks when thine shall sit on all matter of refuse, or take to thine transfer station thine self and pay thine family tipping fee, all whilst thy property taxes continue to rise, and snow continues to accumulate on thine winter days.
Thine penalized large families in particular still await thy City magic to be taught whereas thy may make thine garbage disappear, not just move around.

4) Thalt shall not seek out the identity of thine neighbourhood perverts on permanent parole lest they hurt thine pervert’s feelings and not offer thine own children as burnt offerings to thine humanist sex perversions.

5) Thou shall embrace thine homo lifestyles of harmful and distasteful sex obsessions and have them thrust upon thine young offspring in thine socialist politically correct schools so that……….. Well, we don’t really know why…..but just do it okay!

6) Thout tax payer shalt speak French or not be employed in English speaking Canada by thine same government thine pays taxes to because self-loathing dead guy, Turdeau made it just so.

7) Thy shall pay taxes 3x over for prior political, and politically correct transgressions by thine elected officials 3 generations over, in charge of electricity and medical services that they should never have controlled to begin with. See Commy Tommy. Thy doesn’t have to enjoy paying more and higher taxes so much, but we thine humanist gods are glad thine do and with thine strange blank smiles.

Perhapith it be thine only humanist way of cleansing thyself of personal and community guilt… leaving that up to us as well… Hey, your taxes, and our socialist and populist values at work!

And thine populist masses said it was good, and so it must be, as seen in thine happiness, thy loved ones, and thy glory.

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