Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here's A Quote For You

Here’s a quote for you

"A primary purpose of the educational system is to train school children in good citizenship, patriotism and loyalty to the state and the nation as a means of protecting the public welfare," the judge wrote, quoting from a 1961 case on a similar issue." And what do you know, he took it from The Father Knows Best era, he and the rest of the left... so despises.

(Why not go back to the Founding Fathers if you're in a mood to look back... for once?)

You might think this was written in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia, but actually it was written in sunny California, and just last week March, 2008 as the sole reason behind decision to boot home-schooling from the State. Hey, whenever you go to the can of nuts what else would you expect to fall out?

Funny thing about absolute academic freedom eh?

It’s ‘free’ for the taking as long as you were raised the ‘right way’ to begin with, by Marxist academia and Marxist teacher unions who would fight to someone’s death to keep their iron grip on ‘their right’ to teach ‘your children‘ their ideology and opinions among other useless or harmful non academic political causes.

And this.. not in some great time of unselfish historical moral or biblical revelation or renaissance, but in a time when the Hippocratic oath means nothing to the medical profession, when the thing about science is not fact, but political consensus, when scientific fame is to get your name in a journal or opinion piece based on personal opinion.

When heroism must first weigh risk management, health and safety, possible post traumatic stress, lost wages labour time.

When the thing is to replace worship to the Creator with worship to the celebrity and any number of inanimate, idols of secularism's and pantheism.

When the Marxist clarion call is ( It’s about the children!) which can’t even be said with a straight face anymore, and of course meaning (It’s about the money!) to politician, board, church, and union. Who ever said money was the root of all evil sure new Marxists and rich elitist egotists alike.

Hey leave it to modern liberals who like to throw everything out the window to go slumming through the trash heap they accumulated to look for any tool they can find to suit their purpose.

It seems to me the Marxist left of modern times achieved everything they wanted by going against everything the above quote meant. They achieved their goals for public activist ranting, through civil disobedience and so on and so forth.

The first European Marxists of course attained what they wanted through mass murder, extreme violence, torture, and extortion.

Responsible and mature academic freedom is important. It keeps the populist societies self-centred on greed, hedonism, world dominance, etc. in check.

Is there any State in a world full of political correctness and myopic desires that the academic world should ever support full-heartedly and one hundred percent. I think not!

No family in the world should ever put country...any country... before God or Family!! Nor should they ever be forced to, or fear not to. Keep your eyes on the only prize and purpose in life.

Grow up and smell the coffee, California. The secular humanist world is round and round tail chasing and b.s., and just so, to keep you preoccupied, worried distressed and self obsessed...Wring your hands over nothing...'the cause du jour' never new existed before, because, that's what you should be doing to be politically correct and a good citizen.

You should know how it goes by now. The sky is falling and they are just the heros to save us and the world. Or at least 'they care' and are eloquent about expressing how they 'care' so put them in charge.

Maybe the good guys need to try a little civil disobedance themselves,
only 'just' and peaceful civil disobedance. Volume in numbers always does wonders in itself.

And you don't have to be loud when you know you're right and your cause is for God Family and Child, not self, sexual preferences and rights to pollute and abuse teens and pre-teens to lower and lower ages, demanding sexual blessings, right to bring perversions to the public media, town roads, and town square, the right to end someone else's life, and a hundred other causes to the left.

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