Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chinese Students and Workers Rebel NOW!!!

Chinese Students and Workers Should Rebel NOW

With the Tibet rebellion going on now, this would be the ideal time for Chinese imprisoned citizens to step up pressure on the self servicing elitist communists.
Screw the Olympics. What the world needs now is communist revolt that’s the thing there’s always too little of.

The revolts and worker strikes need to be interior. They need to go deep and they need to go far.

The only thing that stops communism is when all the perpetual brow beaten peasants stop cooperating and become brave enough to say, This is enough!

Revolutions aren’t usually pretty or painless, but the USSR revolution sure went quick and well.

World aide will come in from all quarters of the world once the communists have surrendered their evil grip on the throats of all Chinese citizens.

The Chinese Communist forces cannot last long without food and money coming in from the peasants and slave labour. What then happens is that the soldiers switch sides and the revolution has military weapons and whole army platoons of their own. Once that happens, the cowardice proletariat gives up soon and seeks other countries to flee to.

China this is your greatest opportunity and greatest moment in history.

Don’t let it slip away and don’t ever look back. Go China Go. Help will make its way once it starts. There is no better time to Sacrifice for the good of all and win, then when Christ died on the Cross.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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