Saturday, March 15, 2008

Archbishop Terrance Prendergast's Idle Chatter

Ottawa Archbishop Terrance Prendergast’s Idle Chatter

Prove me wrong please, Terry, but I'm not holding my breath.

Of course, I am referring to Prendergast's all too conditional chat about not giving Holy Communion to pro-abortionist politicians.

Yeah right, Terry. There's nary a Bishop or Priest in Canada courageous(?) enough to tell parishoners to not vote for a pro-abortion party, lest they offend all the secular 'Catholics' in their pews. The same choir, who pretend to pray for the lives of the innocent and then vote with their hands against their own prayers.

And you're talking about actually making a Catholic Statement of action!

If the real pro-life people had a loony for every wistful, could’ve, would’ve, should’ve, ‘brave’ thought from the North American Catholic Church, especially politically cowering Bishops from the Cowards Conference of Canada, they could’ve bought a garbage truck of babies back from Canada’s infamous Dr. Death.

As it is, these Catholic cowards in their dying secularized Churches (to take from the Holy Father’s lamentations, with all due respect) run by pastoral assistants, and lay people with week- day rush- hour attitudes are lucky to ever mutter tough talk outside of their dressing room mirrors, and Caddy make-up mirrors.

Well, except for union organizer Bishop Henry, and who wants to hear that run-away biggy/ little secular tabloid legitimizing contributing, self- admitted, socialist. His only criteria for shutting down Catholic Schools in his Diocese is if the schools run fund-raising bingo games. Says it all, doesn't?

If anyone, especially a red-breasted mouth flapping highly recognizable humanist politician in Canada was refused communion, the whole world would know about it, so trust me, it hasn’t been done, and so what’s stopping Terry or any number of priests from having already done so?

(In case your wondering there is no Priest who doesn't know who the politicians are in their pews. Politicians make sure everyone knows who they are.)

Apparently, what's stopped Priests and Bishops from refusing Communion, to this writing is their great concern for the soul of the abortionist or politician…pick your evil. This, from the Parable of the Lost Sheep (with even more due respect,) and apparently more understanding, because, what Church politicians don’t recall, is that the lost sheep wasn’t killing on the lambs in the flock before he got lost in his blood lust.

Bishops don’t ever recall, that Jesus cast devils out, not massaged them into political expediency, or even not at all, to make things comfortable for their religious ‘career’.

I don’t give a rat’s you know what about the soul of Karl Marx, Hitler, Stalin, current Asian communist leaders, and domestic abortionists when they go around causing unfathomable pain suffering death and holocausts on humanity. And if that doesn’t make me better than a Saint, well, maybe because I’m not and I don’t see too many others around lately. And if you're going to talk 'in theory', get it right and in logical truth.

And if I were you, and any leader in the Catholic Church afraid to speak the truth and act accodingly, I would hold myself partly personally responsible for the lives of the innocent being lost to evil every minute and hour of the day, but of course, it's not my opinion you need worry about.

It's the final judgment you commited yourself to, to be more responsible and more courageous, you need worry about. Yeah, I know..harsh comments..... but for a worthy if, lost cause going by the news of the day.

I mean could you see John the Baptist proclaiming, “ Well, if I ever come across ‘that family’ (no names please) and I can’t make a personal appointment where I can talk to them in private, and after x number of attempts at therapy and convincing I can’t convince them to see their evil ways (which they are pretty much aware of, and not even in denial… just liars, too… like that could never, be considered of a politician)…well, you just watch me then?

Listen Terry you’ve been around Ottawa long enough, and the fruit has been ripe for the picking for the better part of a century anyway.
Save the meaningless speeches until they mean something, like after ‘action’ as a real Catholic leader would. Some pro-life Catholics are not quite as gullible as others.

Fifty thousand bloggers can make speeches everyday, your’s is no different though, undoubtedly less sincere then most of them.

And finally, how come some Priests have no problem denying Communion to people who kneel for the Blessed Sacrament or who simply choose not to go to the, not so extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers, one to four, per church every Mass every weekend and many weekdays.

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